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and the ABS light comes on as well as the Service engine light and the Airbag lights come. When this happens my speed thermometer an gas gauge are not working. This happens a lot and mostly stays in the abnormal mode. Please help.
My car started fine but wouldn't come out of park. I try jigglING it. Stated and stoped the engine a few times then it wouldn't start. Since then I replaced the brake pedal switch and it comes out of park now. But still won't start. Cranks fine. I can't hear the fuel pump come on. The inertia shut offis good. I checked my fuses.
Car is running excellent-told it was vacuum leak diagnostic code several times
i changed the fuse that burnt out now its not blownig but no lights are on and when headlights on the high beam indicator show even when they are not engaged my revers lights wont come on i pulled all the bulbs none are blown but when i press the brakes the lights come on but if i turn the headlights switch on the rear lights area all off please help if you can im getting tickets at night because of this ive been using the hazard lights at dark i
my care smokes on heavy accelreation & i use oil at about 800miles could it be a bad pcv valve
The wipers were wacky going on and off as soon as I turned the car on. The motor was replaced and it happened again. The mechanic said if it happens again I should take it somewhere for a check on the electrical wiring. Good idea? Your thoughts?
I tore the insulation while driving over a small branch.
This caused the message center display, radio, and temp. display to go off. Message center will come when started but immediately goes off. checked fuses under dash and under hood, all checked o.k.

What is happening?
my engine light is on and my scaner said i have miss fire #6 & #8 cylinder
Is there someway to attach the lid to the door. The catches are broken and the lid will not stay on when you close the door?
It doesn't run hot all the time mostly when my air conditioner start blowin hot
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