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One mechanic said the intake manafold might be warping, leaking antifreeze into the hole, and that I may need a new one. I told him it was oil leaking, not antifreeze. The 2nd mechanic said the intake gasket needs replacing because of the leaking oil. Please help
I notice more steering is required at low speed oppose to highway speed. Upon visual inspection it appears the ball joint boots have dried out, however there's no clunking or noises.
Every time I drive my town car it will over heat after I have been driving about 5 miles. Possible cracked block from my kids driving it when it was winter and it had froze outside. And nobody put anti freeze in were the water goes.
I just hear the starter cranking but it want crank
Was grabbing when in reverse and going forward every couple of seconds and making scratching sound and popping noise
Looking for the ac clutch relay that’s under the hood.Dont have owners manual.
Panel lights go to dashes, Automatic door locks don’t w,ork ABS light comes, on Brake Light comes on, After awhile, O-D-O light on panel flashes. Nothing is affected on operation. Out of nowhere while driving, it will reset, panel lights go back to normal, door locks activate, abs and brake lights go out and O-D-O light stops flashing.
Drive for 20 mi then traction control light come on then temp licht and check ingine light then care dies
I pulled up put my car in park then got back in an tried to pull of an wont come out of park
I have a 2001 lincoln town car cartier, just got 4 new tires do I need a 2 or 4 wheel alignment, thanks
when it rains the water leaks from the sunroof and soaks the drivers side floor and also it runs from under the hood on the front passenger side floor
The air suspension compressor did not work, and the air dryer seems full of rust when shaken. The air line appears to be clogged so no air is getting to the air bags from a compressor (100psi). I know the line is only 1/8". Is there a simple solution rather than replacing the entire air line? I already have another compressor and air dryer but am holding off installing it until this problem is solved.
My car only has 95,000 original miles and that's is only issue I have. Jerking and acting like she's in neutral
I have a problem with the air conditioner coming out of the legs. This problem occurred after checking the internal fuses
I have a 2005 Lincoln town car and I have replaced the air suspension pump, both air suspension bags and now the air solenoids that go into the air bags. I have sprayed the lines down looking for leaks but my car still drops about 3 inches on each side overnight and more if it sits for a few days. What should be my next step. I talked to ford dealer and they said replace it with new springs and shocks in the back. No suggestion for fixing existing air system.
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