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This is my first time that this has happened and I need to know what is the price range for this?

How do i know if it's the belt,spring tensioner,or pulley

Can anyone help me. I have a 2005 Lincoln Navigator that keeps stalling out. It always starts right up and runs smooth but just randomly cuts out. I pull over and within a few minutes, it will restart fine & may go 100 miles or only 1 mile before stalling out again. There doesn't seem to be any constant, low speed, highway speed, cold/hot, etc….doesn't matter, it just intermittenly stalls out whenever it wants to. HELP!

Changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, crank sensor,and relay. Gas is still not pumping.

how can u tell when the front air suspension is failing?

The bottom half of spark plug broke off. The piece with metal and ceramic at the very bottom.

Does not seem to lose any power. I was told that if it were plugs or injectors it would do it all the time. I was also told that my torque converter could be going out and to add friction modifier to solve the problem. Could it possibly be a my fuel filter?


Have had Navigator tranny rebuilt, have replace solenoid, have replace wiring harness to transmission and still have this shift code and the OD light still flashes. Shifts perfect when taking it easy but when you have to hit hard to speed up is when it shifts hard in the 1-2 upshift only.

I did a tune up and put it back togethor and now it wont run inless i unplug the MAF sensor. It was running before i did the tune up,so i am lost. Please help

The engine is dropped, used one arrived, what materials will I need to get it running. Ex: How many quarts of oil, what kind of oil, antifreeze, Freon, etc.. the engine that is going into the Navigator, has 114k miles on it. Thanks,

My running board on the passenger side is not going up but I can hear the motor trying, is there a way to tighten it up or what should I do.