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So what do I need to do to fix this problem

The check engine light is on

knocking noise in the motor

it was manufactured in August of 1999 I'm not sure if it has a heater control valve but my heat just blows out cold air only

Car started vibrating when in park a month ago. Friend said possible misfiring cylinder. Now mechanic says antifreeze leaking into transmission. Can't afford a new car. Love my Lincoln. Drives well in Arizona.

It works fine when it's warm outside.

Miles an hr. I was thinking maby manifold or she valve, does have an vacuum leak but my mechanic says its an egr replacement or connector plate issue, no part store seems to know what he means but he's standing by the diagnosis. Lost!

No matter which direction I adjust the mirror by the controller, the mirror just move to the downside, for both of the mirrors. Will this be the problem of the controller? The price of the controller on Ebay is above $90, I don't want to buy a controller but find out it was not the key part to fix this issue. Thanks a lot for any type of hint.

I took it in and had the radiator flushed It didn't help at all The mechanic is trying to tell me to flush it again I'm wondering if it could be the thermostat or the heater core Help!

When I start the car and close the doors i can hear the suspension pump turn on, right behind the passenger headlight. After a few min of running the check air suspension message turns on and the pump turns off. The front is fine but the rear end is low and makes for a bouncy ride. I've read about a leveling relay or switch but can not find location.
Thank you in advance.

You need to open the driver side door to open or close the four side windows

Spark plugs are constantly going bad. Currently my doors don't lock or unlock,buttons don't work.

I was having problems with the gear shifter not working, I took it to the dealership and they said it was the brake light fuse.

"Check charging system" error comes on while slowing, braking or coasting. Today, while accelerating, radio and instrument panel turned off twice.

Alternator is less than a year old, but tested, and it was at 14.2.

Any ideas?

What are possible causes for this? The water pump is on the front and it doesn't seem to be leaking from there. How hard a fix might thus be?

i have a 2002 lincoln navigator that i just got.each & every time the speedometer reaches 48 mph a chime lights..just a single chime.i cant find anyone who knows why this you?