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Well, when I got it home, the next day I had the oil changed and all of the spark plugs changed out. Still no change in engine performance. Still runs rough. almost like missing somewhere. I'm not sure how old the pump is. I bought the truck used. It had 121,000 miles on it and now I have 210,517 miles on it.
you can faintly hear it on low. When you start to turn up the fan it gets louder. Its still cold as it has been. just very noisey on high.
My side view mirror want fold inward and is making a humming noise. The driver side works ok. I had to take the fuse out to stop the humming. because it will hume when everything is off.
It seems odd that with a service bulletin on spark plug removal that 3 of 8 plugs would still break off requiring the dealership to charge an additional fee to remove them. Is that usual and customary?
My traction control,ABS.Airbags,parking brake light is showing up but truck running good. What
Do I e to do. The front air ride has beeen replaced with regular stuff

Ok my truck won't start an make buzzing sound an I aready change the relay 3 times an they keep malting on 5 pin point of the relay .. keep making buzzing sound
I have put a new starter on the car, a new battery, ive even checked for corrosion in the cable lines. what else could it be?
Still shows 4 not ready codes: Evap,O2,heater and catalyst. Thank you in advance.
Pumps back up when started
Drove to store. Parked and when coming my truck didn't start
I have tried youtube videos but cannot find whether it is the glove box or behind the hood at the firewall.
I can not find the leak. Looked for a/c drain. Could not locate it.
Didn't notice it at first but after a year it really sounds bad. The truck still runs good it just sounds bad when I'm at a light or a stop sign
How can I close the pop up side window?
normal driving feels like rear shocks are gone, but has the air ride system, bounces at least 4-7 times just rolling over speed bumps ?turning corners at speed make the rear end jump . the truck looks level no leaks, compressor can not hear running? feels like my 67 g,t,o, back in 70`s jacked upand hard bounces,but navigator bounces soft and smooth, several times. system is currently turned off and nothing changed, any idea`s dealer ship has no clue its ok for them, but if i want a bouncy ride i`ll go to busch gardens....or mickyland......
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