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60,000 miles newly purchased. This has occurred twice now when not moving. Drive or Nuetral or Park does not change issue. Reving engine or stopping and restarting engine seem to have resolved it both times, however I am extremely concerned about the knocking and/or dieseling sounds as it seems this would tear the engine apart over time. Oil is clean and none burnt since last 1000+ miles of highway driving. No Check Engine or diagnostic lights and vehicle health report says engine is fine. Any suggestions appreciated as my big bank loan is looming(not made first payment yet) and I am very nervous about longevity of this vehicle.

The button won't push in on the shifter.

the car litterly accerates fast when i step on the gas pedal slowly

I looked at the manual but I don't get it.

my navigator has been in a local garage for a month now. I have a constent engine miss, but no error code is coming up. I have 88k on my navigator. I need some advise.

this happens with remote ,keeles entry,or door switches

driver door lock operates correctly

I need to know if you can purchase just the plastic "lift-rod" part of the gear shifter. The top of it broke off and I have to manually push it in to put the vehicle in gear. I need to know what this is called and possibly a part number.

I'm not sure how to remove it.

There is 59000 miles on it and the last 2 mornings the truck did not want to turn over. it eventually did, and would start fine in the work parking lot on my way home after sitting for 10 hours. This same issue happened the last 2 weekends, but we were at a football game tailgating with the liftgate open and I assumed that was the reason for the drain. The truck is parked outdoors and it has been getting cooler out, but its difficult to believe that this is the reason for the problem.

Thank you for the help

have to start in run position with selector in neutral to shift. all fuses good - alternator?

The rear end in my mothers vehicle suddenly seemed like it has almost completely went out. The ABS light came on and when I drove it the rear end felt like and sounded like it was coming out. Popping, grinding, etc... It also on several occasions hardly wouldn't even pull out of its tracks.

I took it to my local dealer to have them inspect it and give me an estimate on repairing. On the way there the thing seemed to start doing a little better but a message came on the dash that said something about checking the limited slip differential. I'm not sure if that's exactly what it read as I was only about 2 minutes from dropping it off at the dealer when it came on.

The slip/traction light was also going on and off when the rear end was slipping.

That said, I received a call from the tech at the dealer today and he said that it was a bad rear abs sensor that was causing the problem and it would cause them to slip as it would cause it to send false readings to the differential.

He gave me a price to replace the sensor and said the book called for 2.5 hrs of labor (high labor seemingly) and the cost of the sensor. I asked him if he was sure that this was the problem and he said that he wasn't a 100% sure but his guess was in the higher percent of being what he thinks is the proper diagnosis.

I told him to go ahead and order the part and replace it and let me know when it was done, but late this afternoon I got to thinking could a simple sensor cause that much trouble all of a sudden? Is there more wrong than just that? Is 2.5 hrs of labor at $110 per hour too much to bill for changing a sensor that should seemingly only take at minimum an hour? Unless it could be an internal sensor? I'm not sure but I have changed break pads before and know that the speed sensors are fairly easy to get to on most vehicles.

I don't really know for sure. These are just some questions I'll have to ask them when we speak next, but I thought I'd seek a little advise about the issue at hand from some unbiased individuals and just get an idea of weather or not I may have a more major issue even after shelling out $300 plus on replacing a sensor.

Oh, and another thing the tech told me that either the car was reading zero mph when the wheel turned, or the wheel was reading zero mph. Not exactly sure exactly how he said it and please keep in mind that I'm not quoting his every word. I just want to be clear that I may have some misinterpretations of what he explained to me.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

My Navigator has a rear seal leak that happened all of a sudden and I would like to know if I can get some type of solution to slow it down until I can replace the seal?

pulled into driveway unusual noises or performance....tried to start again 5 min later and eng would not crank....engaged ignition and barely cranks...tries to but it's like a 1/4 turn...making an ugly almost metal against metal scraping sound for just an instant...first thought was battery not able to crank engine...battery checked out fine...then thought prob starter....replaced starter...still same prob....I'm wonder maybe timing belt issues but no symptoms leading up to failure if that's what it is...very strange....any thoughts would be greatly appreciated........Dave

on 2004 lincoln navigator passanger headlight is out

on friday i did the oil change and saturday my neighbor asked me to jump start his car about 4 hours later my navi started running real rough and like it was loosing power and doing the same signs as it was out of fuel engine light started blinking so i stop the the vehicle for a couple hours and then came back home. did not used or even started the truck on sunday and the monday i went to auto zone where the gave me the codes P0300 and P0316 then later on my engine light was off but was still having the same problems i really need some help

Constant ongoing problem for the last year. At first, the engine light was on, but when they first checked for a vac leak, the light went off. It's been checked for a vac leak twice, which they can't find, but still suspect. What else could it be? What should the RPM's be at start up, and at different speeds?
Thanks, Lorad


The light just came on last night.......not the check engine light

I went to "setup" and it is turned on. I checked what I think is the correct fuse. Help please!

04 navigator air suspension not working truck sits lowwww. air compressor not going off. after i bypass the new relay i bought compressor goes on but truck dosent go up . :o(

04 navigator air suspension not working truck sits lowwww. air compressor not going off. after i bypass the new relay i bought compressor goes on but truck dosent go up . :o(

When first starting, front air is not working. Sometimes it comes on after a while (few minutes) and the last time it did this, it seemed to turn itself on and off repeatedly. Air temp is 90 and air set to "auto".

The temp indicator read normal, but it was 90 degrees out and we had airconditioner running!

1 time was composesor, 2 time switch by back axel, i know theres power at the switch in the back but i hace no suspension, is there a way to by pass everything and just fill the suspension or do you have any ideas thanks jerry

the fuel pump is located where in a 2007 navigator and how much time it take to replace one

how much will it estimate cost to replace the fuel rest switch and fuel pump on a 2007 navigator and where is the reset switch located

Have to push on and off the brake a number of times until it releases and after it is out it shifts OK


My car can't shift out of park and the dealer said that the solenoid is bad. He said he just can't replace the solenoid and has to replace the whole shift assembly for $!!00.00 dollars. Is that the only solution to fix the shifter?

replaced both wheel hub assemblies cost me $1000 said each part was over $400