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MKZ Hybrid (2014) Wont Start; Trunk Won't Open; Battery Good; Can Jump Fine

What could be going on?
On my mkz 2011 I have heat/cool front seats, every time I try to switch them ON.the 3 bars on the sw come on for a seconds then disappear.even when I press the sw twice the 2 bars come on for a seconds .I tried to press it 3 time one single bar comes on for a seconds then disappear(4 switches for both seats) the same.can anyone help???????
How do I find the horn location on my 2014 Lincoln MKZ hybrid?
this has occurred a few times and the fella at the shop does something under the dash under the glove box. like he flips a switch and a/c works great.
what's my long term repair for this issue?
The electrical system "freezes up" once in a while when I start the car, about once every 15 times. Instrument panel lights flash and make a clicking sound, trunk won't electrically release, seat may move. After 15-60 seconds it stops and car starts normally. However, some instrument panel settings return to default and climate system is turned off. took it to the shop and battery checked out OK and there were no diagnostic codes.
Upon strong acceleration, a huge plume of white smoke is emitted from the car. Following the plume, the cabin air smells toxic.
How can I reset the sound system in my car? So far that's the only solution I've found that may help my problem.
How can I reset the sound system in my car? So far that's the only solution I've found that may help my problem.
I recently had my oil/filter changed at an authorized dealer. When I returned home, I ran the diagnostic screen in the cluster and found that it had not been reset. When I tried to follow what the owners manual told me to do, the value would not change. Thanks for any help.
At times when the car starts with either the radio on or off there is no sound and it will not appear if the radio was off and then turned on or if the radio is turned off and on. It will often then appear the next time the car is used.
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