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First I heard a loud whirling sound. Then smoke started coming out the exhaust, got the front turbo charger replaced. The problem seemed fixed. Month later smokes are coming out the exhaust again. I get the rear turbo replaced. The problem seems fixed. I hear loud whirling sound again. The throttle control light comes on on have the throttle body cleaned. Driver half-mile from the repair shop in the car start smoking again no check engine lights nothing. I’m seen on other websites where people having the same problem with these early early model eco-boost engine‘s but there’s no recalls out for my car
when time changed this spring, the clock did not update it to the new time.
My car starting shooting oil out of the tail pipes after an oil change.
The sterio all of a sudden made a snap sound , static sound with the car started or in auxiliary mode, does anyone have a solution for the problem . Took the car to the dealership and did a check, said the module for amplified is the problem , needs replacement for a cost of $ 1400.00 approximately
My 2010 mks blows hot on the passenger side but cold on the driver. It's not the blend doors or the blend door actuators.
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