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neither remote nor button inside will open it but tail lights flash
fuse, motor or wiring harness
swapping whole assembly from 98 what will I have to do
When car over heats' why does it shut of everything? I can't even jump start it. What is happening? I stopped to put water, lights don't even turn on its pitch black!
I'mhaving HID Conversion kit installed. Mechanic tells me dimmer switch has gone bad, although it seems to work to me. The switch changes from high beams plus gold side lights on to just gold side lights on. The low beams aren't quite connected yet. The low beams should stay on during both high and low option, right? This switch is expensive and this doesn't make sense to me. The switch should only turn high beams on & off, right? He said the switch going bad is a common problem because of the light problem. If this is true I don't want to buy a used one.
When I turn it off it turns right back on. The power looks off but it is still blowing on the defrost.
I bought the harness to connect to the new radio but still get no sound
I replaced all the fuses and put in all new rear bulbs. All my break/tail lights work, now. However, my back up lights wont go on.
Experience misfires occur on a daily basis. mostly when I attempt to reach max speed of 65mph.
The test code shows 888 which is a pass. What could the problem be?
The alarm worked before the body work and the key pad.
The keypad on the door does not work either
After suspension replaced, running lights blow fuses, can't drive at night no tail lights, module burned, replaced w/salvage module, still blowing fuses. After module replaced, can't shift from park unless, hold button shifter in, insert key w/left hand thru steering wheel turn key complete squeeze button & shift out of park! Need lights to drive! Please, Cupcake
Ignition switch removal
The climate control screen shows is powered and shows a display. But when I go to switch the heating or air on, there is nothing blowing. I tried the diagnostic test by pressing the OFF and FLOOR buttons at the same time, then AUTOMATIC immediately after...and it is not doing the test anymore. It went through one time recently and cycled, and the system seemed like it reset itself and started working again. For a short while. Now nothing. I can hear the blend door actuator opening when called for, but I guess it is a blower problem? Relay? Please help me get it fixed... :-( It will be cold soon... Thanks for any help
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