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the computer reads driver door ajar and cannot lock the door when i push the door switch it goes closed then opens up immediately

door handles broken

when turned on it doesn't always come on sometimes it is random sometimes if i hit a road bump "just right" it comes on..when it comes on, it is plenty cold or hot

I have had this happen three times on drivers side and replaced(expensive) now the one on the passengers side has broken..what's up with this crappy "metal"..thanks for your comments

need to pass it hard to long does it you need special tool..

My steering wheel is not centered. What is the solution?

What is involved with adding daytime running lights?

the throttle stop screw on the throttle body

after running for five or ten minutes engine overheats every heats up even with coolant full

Replaced front and rear brake pads and now it rattles over every bump all the time.What did I miss?Put new pads in exactly the way old pads came out.....

How difficult is is to change the door ajar switch. What does this job entail? Are there any tricks or tips to taking the door panel off?

also thinking of just switching air ride over ,with shock kit..any advice on if the car will ride ok and which company is best for replacement kit

had air ride work with ajar light on ,,cant adjust air ride with computer.. circuit seams to be on same.. ajar light and air module

i have a egr broken tube on mark 8 how can i replace it?

the other day the engine of my 97' lincoln mark 8 started making a funny clicking noise it gets louder as you accelerate, but it gets quiet to at sometimes and it cant be heard well. it pulled up a code misfire cylinder 3. i also put new spark plugs and coils in which resulted in no effect what is the problem?

window track not aline cant put window up need to opend door panel

I neet to change the electronic distributorless ignition system and can not find the location in the car.

need to raise headlights up

how to replace the windshield washer button, located in the end of the turn signal lever. where can this be purchased?

My drivers side seat motor is not working in the forward or back motion...It makes a spinning noise now...What would a used or rebuilt motor cost??

temperature blend door broken in heater box.what is fix and cost?

ok i am a mechanic i sprayed the air bags in the rear no leaks tears or dry rot lines are not leaking i tried changing a solenoid to test no help where is the leveling sensor or ride height sensor located ? rear is the only one not up i replaced compressor and relay i am unfamiliar with this system i just need help thanks

ok my air ride in the rear is not coming up i changed one solenoid to try and see if it helped no improvement i was told could be electrical what can be done to repair this? the front comes up no leaks in rear bags i just can't get the rear to work please help

i have no air leaks i changed out the solenoid on the bags but no difference what are the electrical problems could i have fuses are good nothing shows on scan tool i am only having problems with the rear i have put new motor on the system it worked great for last 9 months there was pressure on bag when i changed the solenoids no pressure since starting the car my second question can you use the the springs and shocks for the rear from a 97 t-bird ? i know its the same rear set up just air ride and can you do away with just the rear i know this is a stupid question but money is really tight

i am having problems with the rear airride passenger side comes up slightly but driverside has stopped coming up i am looking at replacing the solienoid not sure how to disconnect or reconnect or if someone knows if this is my problem the front raises as it should

One of the low beam headlights on my 97 Lincoln mark viii is very dim. Can these lights be changed from HIDs to Halogen - which are easy to find and replace.

The other day I was driving and I heard a loud pop and the front end dropped to the ground. Just the front dropped and it dropped equaly left and right at the same time does any one have an idea before I tear the whole thing apart schematic and pics or even part discription would be great

Lost all keys. Car is too old for dealer help. Locksmith needs key code to cut new key.... Ford doesn't have old codes. Help.......

i went to check the spark plugs and their is oil all over the spark plug connectors. How do I correct this? Thank You for your help!