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small ones closest to trunk onboard system check says everything ok if on any ideas thanks
I decided the control module was bad, replaced it with a used one, still no warm air. I also have no signal to the AC, which was one of the reasons I replaced the control, but getting heat is the first order of business.

Many thanks
2014 dec. << for the past 2 years a few times now the engine turns and no ignition. 4 times these past 2 years i am told it's electrical and the "computer chip" needs replacing as e/thing runs perfectly on this car..a few munutes after the failed ignition the car starts perfectly. i thought it was bad gasoline, i replaced fuel pump n fuel filter, spark wires n sparkplugs last year. for months it starts like a charm the car is...then once again no ignition but the starter turns the engine, one mechanic told me it was the alarm safety preventing any spark going to the wires. just today after 2 months of excellent performance it once again turned with no startup. tommorow i bet it will start fine. i'm about to get another car. since the two years of this dilemma this has happened 9 times. could it be an old electrical distributor?
Where is the module located?
The headlights stopped working (come on sporadically), air bag light comes on once in awhile, "check charging system" on the display, heater shuts off sporadically (display and fan), no cruise control, battery has been dead twice, but most of the time has plenty of juice to start, jut all these intermittent problems. A friend said it is likely the "black box" in the trunk or under the driver's seat. My biggest concern is the headlights. What is likely the problem and is there a way to at least get the headlights working if the major repair would be too costly?
I just replaced the blend door actuator and that is working. The air started out getting hot and stayed hot. When I adjusted the temperature on the panel, it started blowing cold air again. I put temp back on 90 and the air was still blowing out cold. I am trying to guess it's one of 3 things. Cabin Air Temperature Sensor, Heater Control Valve or the thing that controls the heat and ac panel needs to be replaced.
I recently had both front and rear bags replaced. I wasn't having trouble but with 120k on it thought I'd be proactive. Rear is fine but there is a leak in front. No problem while driving but after system shuts down it will gradually leak out. All new solenoids came with new bags. How do I accurately check front for leaks
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