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I am disabled and have to fix this car myself. Car has been riding terrible off and on. Surging after it acts like it comes out of gear. My radio is whizzing like there's a ground off but I'm not sure where they all are. My alarm and key pad work sometimes. Just got new battery and alternator.tranny fluid good. Cuts out between50 and 60 only occasionally. Stumped
Since this winter my car all of the sudden will just start riding horribly. I parked on a snow pile and when I woke up my front passenger side wheel well was sitting on tire. Never had a problem before that. Air shocks are kicking on but car rides horrible since then. Any ideas?
For the time being I have installed a quick disconnect for the battery, this is how I turn the car off.

Okay when the key is turned off, the engine stops as it should, but everything electric, dash instrumentation, radio, air conditioner, lights, air ride suspension, bells/buzzers/dingers (lol), everything else remains on and will kill the battery in about an hour or so. Also, I cannot turn the lights off at all (head lamps/tail lights) even by manually switching them off. The key does not stick in any way, it freely moves through selections and slides in and out like normal, the steering column does not fetch, the transmission seems to be functioning 100% normal (as you can see I have been through this), and all my instruments, radio, climate control, Hi/Lo beams, washers, brake lights, etc., are all functioning fine. I have checked a multitude of wiring harnesses and cleaned/dielectric greased them. Tested all my fuses. Suspected the relays but then again it seems the only related ones are the Parking Lamps and H/L Beam Relays and these function correctly, as does the horn, ABS, and Fuel Pump...

That leaves me supposing the most simple explanation of some form of bad or loose ground, the fact that it is NOT intermittent though nor is there any "running" power loss, steers me another direction altogether. I just don't know.

Any ideas, especially from someone with electrical troubleshooting experience with this vehicle, would be greatly appreciated. (Also I believe the electrical systems of the 1993 thru 1996 were identical but changed in 1997 as I have read elsewhere)

idles great but still overheats when driving no air in system don't know what to do next
have removed thermostat want to make sure I don't have air n system
how do I make sure I do not get an air block when refilling radiator ps no thermostat in water flow and only have the one place to fill
All Bulbs good. Drivers side turn signals dont flash, indicator inside does not either.
removed thermostat and still same problem overheats when driving has new trans hate to junk it any hints as to what to do next?
have replaced radiator and water pump and thermostat runs great at idle overheats when I drive
Had car at dealer for an intermittent not starting when cold. Picked it up after they did nothing and went through the car wash to get the salt off the car. Mid way through the wash the fan stopped blowing hot air. Would not react to me turning the dial up or down.

This morning on the way to work the fan would sputter on for a few seconds randomly and shut off quickly. On a 30 minute ride this happened 3-4 times.

Any ideas?
The dash says to check exterior lamps and so I changed the bulbs in headlights and they are still so dim and it still says to check exterior lamps I don't understand what's going on
will run for about two week and then will not start set about to week and then start back up
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