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I found replacement window on ebay, and it apparently come in an entire window, chrome etc. How do you replace the window?
I have checked fuel button in trunk. The cam sensor. It turns over just wont start. How can you check to see if it jumped time?
I want to change the air ride suspension to regular struts and springs
I put new batt in yesterday and still dies. Drove it for a week with no prob then back to this again
I put new batt in yesterday and still dies
this started after thermostat was replaced.
I have a 1993 Mark Viii and I was told that my VCRM module needed to be replaced I ordered one from ebay because they are no longer being manufactured; is there a way to determine if the part that received is good prior to having it installed?

What exactly is the function of the VCRM and where is it located on the vehicle?
I was told the door ajar switches for both sides need replaced by the Lincoln tech, but not sure where they are located.
these are very expensive, has any one had any experience with these shocks, they are supposed to replace the originals. i have used the struts but don, like the stiff ride.
The car will start right up after its been sitting for a couple of hours but if i start it an cut it off it wont start right back up until the car has sat for a couple of hours
I am disabled and have to fix this car myself. Car has been riding terrible off and on. Surging after it acts like it comes out of gear. My radio is whizzing like there's a ground off but I'm not sure where they all are. My alarm and key pad work sometimes. Just got new battery and alternator.tranny fluid good. Cuts out between50 and 60 only occasionally. Stumped
Since this winter my car all of the sudden will just start riding horribly. I parked on a snow pile and when I woke up my front passenger side wheel well was sitting on tire. Never had a problem before that. Air shocks are kicking on but car rides horrible since then. Any ideas?
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