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the parking break is all the way down and i have the ATS button off

Mechanic drained and replaced transmission fluid. Test drove 1/2 hour. 3 hours later I picked it up and the temp gauge starting rising and alarm went off. Should they have also replaced the thermostat? Also, had them replace the clock switch (horn, airbag light on & cruise control was out) Thank you for any advise.

This causes the car to start over heating of course. I have to refill my reservoir one a day. My car also has a ticking noise now coming from the engine that has progressed a bit too.

Water not circulating through waterborne hoses.waterborne not stop up.

Hydraulic fan fluid down by half, added proper fluid 5 days ago. Antifreeze needs topping off every couple, few months. Next day after temp indicated car was overheating, I drove it for 15 minutes/3 miles without (same distance as day before incident)the problem re-occurring. Had the car for 5 years. This usually occurs during hot months and a lot of stopping and going. Also, all 8 coils have been replaced twice since 2004. Thank you for your help.

There are no trouble codes in the computer. Traction control & the ABS seem to be working correctly. The light is on all the time when engine is running.

It will not tilt up/down it will sometimes drive in/out but not consistently. I tried dis/reconnecting the battery but it didn't help. What could cause/fix this?

the lights will dim and the car will die. I will get the car jumped and its starts right away. The battery and Alternator have full voltage.

I have checked connections to bottom of tank. Is there a sensor involved that needs to be replaced?

I just bought a 2005 LS. After 2nd day engine light came on and has stayed on. Owners manual says gas cap might not be seated right or installed correctly. I filled up tank, put cap on and it and found it will not click at all. Can I buy an after market locking cap that will click. I think this might be the cheapest course to take first. Any help though in case. BTW, there is no dealer warranty and I'm a bit pissed they didn't disclose this problem. They had car a month in their inventory and I think this is something they knew about. On the plus side this car only has 42,000 plus miles on it.

I just bought a new resivor and radiator but my fans are not comming on


Else can someone help....Thanks

Show me how to bleed the reservoir lines to the radiator to get the air out of them

Get the air out of the lines

How to bleed the reservoir.

My 3.9l v8 started running very rough and popping possibly in the intake. This happened after it was shut off and when I restarted it. Now it is very hard to start and once running it backfires and makes the popping noise intermittently plus won't idle. Any help is welcome

I had code 401 come up. I took off egr and cleaned it. All parts on it after cleansing seem to be in good shape. I put it on drive it around and it seeks to have sluggish problems right at 3000 rpm. It I rev it in neutral it sounds good till 3000 rpm and sounds like it's getting 1/2 the power. What can I do to improve this? I'm driving it out of state next month and want to make sure it's good. It has 75k miles on.

2000 Cartier best riding car! Wouldn't start 1X, started in 15 mins. No prob.,ran fine, 6 weeks later, just won't start, seems to be getting a little fire but will not turn over & run. Engine will take a charge, but does not run. Any clues/ideas?? Help, thanks