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Do I still need a new key or can I reprogram my pats system key if I change the computer, the ignition and everything associated it
after adding some coolant gas there was some leaking yellow color
cool air is only coming out on the driver side a little bit but not much there is none coming out on the passenger side
Have taken battery terminal off and it stays running just rodent charge battery
My car runs normal temp until I turn on the a.c.,recently I replaced the coolant reservoir
In July of 2010 I had my whole air-con system replaced by amcco, which was approx $1200. Now six years later it's blowing hot air. Does anyone with an 02 Lincoln Ls have or had any problems with their a/c, if so, any solution?
My cars ac is cold on th e drivers side, but a quite a bit warmer on passenger side, its charged but thats not the problem
Could it be the stsrter
I have tryed just changing the plug on that cylinder than the coil twice still a misfire car was running great than this I need help please thank you for your time.
When i looked up the code said WAC sensor relay problem what is this relay at and what does it actually do?
My torque wrench was set improperly and i busted a bolt that holds down the camshaft. If you could tell me what those were called or what type of bolt im looking for would help tremendously.
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