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my transmission used to run fine for about 10 minutes and then it would stop shifting, but if I turned it off it would seem to run good again for another 10 minutes or so, and this issue would repeat itself. Now the tranny wont shift into gear at all. Does this sound like a computer problem, or do you think the whole tranny is shot?
After putting in 5 gallons of gas in the car the fuel pours out the bottom of car. Could it be the ring on fuel pump sending unit
The hot engine light comes on every two weeks.
Put on a new throttle body, it won't start sounds like it's out of gas no signals are getting to spark plugs, coils, and Injectors I'm not sure but the mechanic says it's not the crank angle sensor . The cost for the Pam $1100 I myself price one for half I need to know the actual price , to top it off if that's not the problem I'm stuck with a new Pcm and throttle body and no CAR Help!!
can the power steering pressure switch be replaced without completely removing the hose or a/c compressor.
Dealership replaced radiator fan and harmonic balancer. The dealership keeps telling me that when the rad fan kicks in is the whining noise that I hear. It whines the whole time the car is running. When u turn the car off it sounds like a jet winding down. I have had the car since new and there was never the high pitched noise when running.
It has nothing to do with rain. There are no window leaks. Could it have something to do with the rear A/C unit?
wipers not working at all & controls on steering wheel not working. is there something that controls both the wipers & the controls on the steering wheel.a fuse out or something along those lines
I got it used and the previous owner put in a new radio system.
My car had been sitting unused for about 2 months. I jumped strated it and took it for a ride, when I parked it. I tried to start again but all it did was crank but no start.

my check engine lite is on as well as the abs and the traction lites. car shifts but sometimes abs kicks in and locks the back wheels...
The intake manifold has a hole in it. The engine has not run in three years.
Moon roof won't roll down and radio dnt wrk,
the check engine light was on, not flashing.
I was getting on the highway and it kicked out of gear and I had to pull over and turn it off to get tranny to reingauge. The only thing I had noticed before was if I took a corner fast sometimes there would be a slight slip in the tranny as I accelerated around the corner, it went down the day before my appointment to get it checked.
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