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This problem was here for a while, a year ago the Lincoln dealer changed the wheel bearing; Changed tires all with little noises reduction: Last week the Ford dealer said it was the break pads... Changed pads with Lincoln parts, Turned the Rotors........No change in noise.... Any help?

two days ago, my car started with no problem. yesterday, it would not. Even the lights wouldn't come on. I tried to jump the battery, but nothing. I took the battery back where I got it, they tested it, and said it was fine. I take the battery home, put it back in the car, and it starts up as if there was never an issue. WTF?????

Brake light came on a few months after back brakes services; no problem with braking; fluid is in. Airbag has never been deployed but light stays on.

2000 lincoln ls heater stop working blows cold air

What is the best way to fill the radiator? When I fill it through the plastic bottle it doesnt fill the radiator instead I end up with a giant air pocket.There is no cap on the radiator. There is a plastic cap near the top of the thermastat. Iam not sure if that would be the place,I dont want to break the plastic . I thought I would ask how first. It might turn out cheaper. The car is a Lincoln LS 3.9 2000. Thank you.

I replaced the thermastat and the water pump. The car overheats after about 10 min. and I dont get any heat either. There is no water in the oil and no oil in the radiator.There is no sign of leakage anywhere. The cooling fans work. What should I try next? Please dont say head gasket. Thank you this is driving me NUTS.The car is a 2000 Lincoln LS 3.9 V8

What does it take to replace the filter on this 5R55S transmission and do I need to change the fluid in the Convertor?

replaced the fan and the hydraulic pump and the fan still wont turn

Why does the display on the panel say E and Check Transmission when i'm driving in D5?

how much should repair cost for Idle Air control valve?
also how much should repair cost for Glock spring (steering column)?

I have a Lincoln LS 2000, just got it back in June '10, well car was running great, till a few months ago that it heat it up, I changed the thermostat, water pump, a couple of plastic hoses (broken) and it keeps overheating. Do I have to go directly to change the head gasket to keep car from this problem? other than that, car runs great.

125K miles. just had tune up replaced spark plugs etc. Lately been noticing a hesitation when shifting to Drive.
Now after starting and placing into drive the rpm's dip low and today it dip so low the engine conched out.
I got it started again but in both Reverse and in Drive the rpms dip low. What could be causing this? (engine light did not come on)

i replaced battery car has gas but it wont cut on it cranks but doesnt have enough power.. what can this be????

Car is engine light is on and running like crap, since I got stuck in the snow today. I had to rock it out using the trans reverse and drive. What could possibly be wrong and how much does it normally cost to repair or reset/correct?

i can put my key in the igntion but it want turn so i can start the car.what is my problem?

excesive valve lash 41000 ml. replaced cams all 4 ajusted lesh fine when cold noise as hell hot only on drivers bank same as before. used all ford prod. any help?

engine overheats occaionally andthe engine power down and it is leeking cooliant like crazy it like it sprays out the amount that be on the ground.what could be the problems?could they be related?

My email address is

The back passenger door is stuck. it wont open, the lock opens but the door wont.

Motor started then died at start up. Tried to start the motor again and would not crank. The motor turns over but sounds like there is no compression. It has a free spinning sound.

Is the wheel bearing the same part as the ball joins, and if not, what is the cost to have the ball joints replaced in the front

I have two bulbs to lighten my lic. plate, the bulb is incase, and a clear lense is keeping me from replacing it. how do I remove the clear lense

cost to replace right front window regulator including labor

What is a reasonable cost to replace the throttle body and reprogram it?

Just occurred

this happened 2 weeks ago,replaced fuel pumps,fuel filter,plugs.but second pump will not kick on,dont understand that.

I've had my car for about 2 months now and I'm sometimes experiencing a low-pitched noise that resonates through the car when coasting at 45-50 mph. Is this normal for this car or do I need to get something checked out? It seems like it might be connected to the tranny.

I just bought a 2001 Lincoln LS. I went out to start it today and it turned over but would not start. The LED security light stayed blinking after the key was inserted. This happened with the spare key also. Any suggestions?

i was leaving my daughters caycare when all of a sudden my car putted,my battery light came on then the car stalled at light,i replaced the battery but when i tur key it try to start but wont actually start up,AAA came an towed my car home an told me he could haer my fuel pump start an said i need to replace ( any suggestions?)

Hi all, having issues with the ride. My car will be driving fine, then these episodes will occur. First the temp gauge starts dropping completely to cold,a fan comes on, the car loses power, surges and occassionally stalls. The check engine light and traction control off light comes on. If the car doesn't stall, the temp gauge will return to normal and so does engine performance. The check engine light remains on till I clear it, but the trac off light is off the next time car is started. I have 164,000 miles on this vehicle. All plugs, two misfiring coils and all valve cover gaskets were replaced couple years back if anyone's interested. Radiator and thermostat are just a few years old. Battery just a a few years old and tested good. Don't recall testing alternator but haven't any obvious charging issues. Tranny flushed every 30,0000 miles and new solenoids were installed 5 yrs ago to correct hard shifting. My attempt at fixing this included a new TPS and IAC along with throttle body cleaning. This improved performance but didn't remedy reoccuring problem. The codes from CEL are P0113, P0453,P0123, P0193, P0708, P0705 AND P1289. All codes make reference to high circuit input. Your help would greatly appreciated, thanks.