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found chips that advertise more horse power and better gas mileage. with no side affects or permenant or harmful changes
to your engine.. anyone have any exsperience with this??

low mileage used engine ..using my old parts ..belt driven parts i believe dont come with engine . need to use my pols ones

air bag light is on i have air bags in the car so where is the sensor in the front of the car

my 02 lincoln ls will not start. it has no power at all. i think the problem is my battery but wen i tried to jump start it, it still would not charge. can anyone help me find out what is wrong with it?

Runs great untill I slow down to stop or turn, then it stalls out.

dont no ware to put tranny fluid in

Weather I run the air or heater its only blowes 90 is that a heater control valve problem

I want to chanmge the rear link kits on my 03 Lincoln LS. What do I need to know?
Torque? Is it under a load?

i want,know,how check transmission fluid,cuz my tranny cracked when i put in reverse,

parking brake switch has fallen into the center console. How do I get it back in place? How do I disassemble the console. Does it require special tools?

the traction control icon in the dash blinking all time,the swicht a thing don,t work

i have recharged my air, checked fuse, changed relay, compressor still will not run

did this make and model have intake problems because i have a feeling mine is acting like it has this issue

where is the o2 sensor bank1 sensor 1

where is the 02 sensor bank1 sensor1

Can you tell me where the Temp Sensor is located on the Engine?

Hi, soon after starting my Lincoln LS Sport the cooling fan runs at high speed and is loud. I replaced the cooling fan as I thought that might be the problem. But the fan still runs at full speed and is loud and very noisey. The temp is the half point on the gauge. I am not rich and I was hoping you might have heard about this from some one else, so I might have a better idea on where to look next. Thanks, Bob

The ride is hard, even on the highway. I feel the road surface even if the pavement looks perfect. The tires are new and I am reasonably sure the tires and wheels are balanced properly. There is almost a subliminal constant vibration which being masked by the road variances.

the check engine light is on and it's skiping. I took it to the auto parts store and it checked that the number 6 coil pack is bad. I know it's in the back but which side. The drivers side is easier to get to. Any advice?

is it true that i use transmission fluid for my power syeering

I have an 2002 ls that won't start . I changed the fuel pump still nothing, I was wondering if i could have an clogged fuel line and if so is it diffult to replace

how to change rear taillight on 2002 lincoln LS

changing sparkplugs how much time

whenever it rains water leaks on the driver side at the driver window just above my head. Also leaks on the driver side into lower door panel.

Car seems to chug - miss - when I'm driving. This has occurred since I had my oil changed in Midland, TX. I have replaced the oil and had the fluid and filter on the transaxle changed also.

Does the 2001 Lincoln LS V6 Sport Edition have a hydraulic clutch and if so does the fluid need to be checked and how?

How much would it cost me to get my alternaot fixed

I need to swap out the engine on my LS. Does it come out the bottom of the car or like the old days out the top?

I had purchased my ls in 2007 and a company truck ran in to the front of it they went ahead and toalteld it so im just woundering is it worth geting it fixed back to its orginal state

my ls has around 34k miles, regular maintenance and now I have coil and catalytic converter problems. For repair it will cost me around 2300.00. They told me it has been misfiring (3 codes). Should this have happened?