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the changer cycles through the cd's but then the message shows cd rom error, tried different cd's no change
It will kick start from under the hood, but not at the ignition
Checked outside and passenger side blinks fast
Tow truck company did not shut off suspension switch before towing and now my indicator light is on. Its also not steering the same. Helppp
Why do i have a "no ride control" light inditicator on after my car was towed for parking in a no parking zone. The light stays on and wont allow me to select the ride control and it doesnt feel the same when driving the car, steering feels like theres so much give maybe, i dont no. Never an idsue before they towed me. What did they screw up while towing me?
I lost the keys and I am looking for the best solution for the least money
My car has new compressor and orifice tube installed. A new accumulator dryer was also installed but I left off oiling the dryer but oiled my new compressor . Anyone have a solution ?
the engine will spit and sputter at 4000 RPM the a/c just stopped working the last time it was out on a long drive it stared smoking and had the odor of electrical burning also the rad cap blew off one of the fans are not working
Fluid and filter changed
I need to know what tool to replace wheel hub assembly I've done my wheel bearing but a Lincoln is so what size is the cv axle nut and r the caliper star bits or 13 mm that's what I need to know i don't have a garage to do this so right now it's raining so I cant check so I just want to know so I can get them all together before I start
I just need the tool to replace it
car will not restart after it has ran for a while. when car has reached normal engine temp and ran for several miles. it will not restart and have to sit for 20 to 30 min before it will start.
when i turn my wheel i makes a lil bit on noise but not to much
My anti theft shut engine down. When I turn the ignition all u hear is a click. How do I bypass or reset factory installed alarm?
Fuses are all good What should I do next?
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