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My entire cluster gauges and all stopped working and kept blowing two fuses. I replaced the dash cluster and it stopped blowing fuses but it still doesn't work. I am told there is a LCD cluster relay somewhere but can't find any info to where it is. I know it is a small black box with a 24 pin plug.
Now my Lincoln after having replaced shift solenoids ,and other's, its torque converter has no stall at cranking but does want to pull off while in park now. What would cause this ?
Problem has been temporarilly solved by replacing crankshaft position sensors (8) and/or harnesses (2). Once a drop from tow vehicle allowed it to start. Another time I hurled my body against front end and shock force seemed to allow starting to occur.
Problem has been a mystery to several "good" mechanics. Problem happens once or twice a year. P 0302 (no spark) shows on my OBD II reader. Help!!
lost the keys. I believe its takes the same key as the ignition ,is this so ? locksmith service call is $300.00 plus parts.I can just take in the door lock and have him make a key right?
At first it was just having erratic shifting while in OD, so I started drining it in drine and seemed fine .today went about 20 miles in drive, drove fine.went to leave and car would not go into any gear at all?
the brake light and shifting out of park continue to malfunction. I've replaced the brake switch and it works for a bit then appears to burn out, and I've done this a few times. any idea's would help. thanks
i bought car with bags an pump gone, I need to keep eng,lite off to smog. I know the ride control has nothing to do with smog. But the ride control lite does trigger the eng.lite on.
In the past 2 months I have replaced front brake lines, rear brakes and the rebuilt transmission. My car doesn't feel like it is going to stop when breaking, especially slow speeds. When it stops I can feel the petal releasing and hear noises. Now I hear what sounds like the suspension motor under hood after braking. NO ABS light comes on. This problem is steadily getting worse. We took ABS fuse out to stop all of this but would like to fix it properly.
my car has been sitting for approximately one and a half years it has not been started in over a year now I would like to put the car back on the road I brought a new and cables because they were corroded gas and starter fluid it seems to want to turn over but its not getting any gas please help I need to know what my next step should be someone mentioned a switch in the trunk but we don't seem to be able to find
What cars are compatible with a98 linclon continental
Check transmission light is on and so is check engine light . Car is not drivable and tries to go dead now . I change all transmission solenoids .
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