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car is overheating want to change ECT
I know it is I need to know how to override the theft control on my 2000 Lincoln Navigator
My car started to stutter occasionally and now it just died. The motor turns over and I check fuel pressure, it’s good. I plugged in the odb meter and it’s says it has no contact with the car. Could it possibly the computer control causing both problems? Or something else.
My car has been hesitating for a week or so. Today while going up a hill my check engine light started to blink while my engine would lose compression then it would stop and power would resume then begin blinking again while losing power. Then stop and power resume. It did this until I got over the hill.
2 mechanics have said that my 2011 Lincoln MKX (74,000 miles) needs an engine replacement (total $7,200) due to coolant mixing with the engine oil. What led up to this was a light coming on, I added oil (in the correct part) and the next day, car stopped quit, chugged around the corner into the gas station driveway and that was it. Had it towed to the Lincoln dealership... couldn't believe without any kind of warnings, overheating, NOTHING symptomatic occurred, all of a sudden it needs a new engine??!! I had it towed to a mechanic (family member uses and trusts), said the same thing. Now I read about the Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX 3.7L V6 engine complaints and apparently this is common. Can you shed some light on this matter?

1 month earlier, I had the car in the dealership service for an oil change... is there any way someone (i.e. a new mechanic) might have mistakenly added coolant to the oil... could it have run for a month, driving it just a few times a week, not far. Or, could someone there or anywhere else done this intentionally??
How do I put settings to auto shut off the engine if I leave the motor running and walk away with the keys.
how to locate a leak in the AC system
how to replace rear windows elect. motors
the power seats, power lock, the power side mirror and the radio doesn't shut off if you turn off keys and remove them
went to get it fixed and mechanic turned it a bit and it worked fine, next day shut off again.

back tail light, purchased and installed replacement, next day out again
2002 Lincoln town Car "car walls all over the place" very difficult to control car at any speed
How do go about trouble shooting the rear air ride suspension?
The passenger side vanity mirror is broken and loos fro the sun visor
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