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Moonroof opens without any problems but sometimes it will not close. It acts like it is stuck. You literally have to push it closed.

Sometimes when it works it shows upside down or just a black screen.

Trouble just started 2 days ago Compressor turns on and off just fine. When I select floor and upper vents setting the driver side upper 2 vents blows cool air, while the 2 passenger side vents blow hot air even though the temp setting is set to 60 degrees.

How can I close the pop up side window?

Purchased this used MKT a couple months ago. My husband has had to jump it a couple of times in the morning to start - not sure why. Not sure if any of these are related, but since the last time he had to jump it, I've noticed a few things "don't work". The power tilt will not go down - it will go up and it will go in and out, just not down. The Sync to my phone does not work. I can't sync them, I can't add my phone, I can't delete my phone. When I select Phone and Settings, the Connect, Add, and Delete options are "greyed out" and I can't select them. The Privacy Mode is highlgjted - don't know what them means. The Bluetooth icon is displayed on the screen but not working. This also effects the media if I want to use my phone's Bluetooth or the USB. When I click on Media and then User Device, it just goes to the radio. The User Device options don't display. Lastly, I turned on the A/C and set temp to 60 degrees and the driver side is blowing HOT air - the passenger side is blowing COLD air. Help

Car is not engaging the gears

when it rains my headlight want turn off unless i turn the car off,,, why ?

Put charger on it will start for a few days, then clicks. Last time it started, a few minutes later started clicking. Have been told the alternator is ok. Is it the starter? what does it cost to replace. When it clicks put charger on it and it always starts.

instrument panel went black. checked fuses all to good

Living compartment on a 2004 Lincoln town car where is that filter located

It has nothing to do with rain. There are no window leaks. Could it have something to do with the rear A/C unit?

Not lifting car up

normal driving feels like rear shocks are gone, but has the air ride system, bounces at least 4-7 times just rolling over speed bumps ?turning corners at speed make the rear end jump . the truck looks level no leaks, compressor can not hear running? feels like my 67 g,t,o, back in 70`s jacked upand hard bounces,but navigator bounces soft and smooth, several times. system is currently turned off and nothing changed, any idea`s dealer ship has no clue its ok for them, but if i want a bouncy ride i`ll go to busch gardens....or mickyland......

All of my window work, using the power switches including the drivers side switch. But my drivers side window want go up or down using the switch.

This all happened after i had the fuel pump replaced.

I priced all 32 at 240.00. What should my labor be and how long does it take.

After each rain, the right rear floor gets wet. After driving even a short distance, suddenly the right rear floor is SOAKED. A mechanic already blew clean the run roof drains and they now drain properly.

Am going to try adding air at compressor to lift car so it is not so low to get car to dealership

My car became difficult to steer and the "tire pressure sensor default" light came on. I took it to a shop and they changed the sensor. When I left the steering was still difficult and the warning light came back on. I don't want to take it back to the same shop because I was not comfortable with their work. Is there a sensor in each Tire and if so how is the faulty one determined?

2005 Lincoln Town Car. Water accumulating in the rear passenger floor area. No sun roof, no dampness around the entire area...just in floor well. Mechanic cleaned the heater core drain, but that did not solve the problem. He did a smoke test to look for leaks in the interior of the car and around the doors, but found nothing. Any other ideas? I would like to know if there are any drain lines or tubes that run through that area that could be causing the problem. Help!

Passenger side blind spot light does not come on

I didn't see it under the paseneger side or under the right side near the brake. Please help?

wipers not working at all & controls on steering wheel not working. is there something that controls both the wipers & the controls on the steering wheel.a fuse out or something along those lines

I got it used and the previous owner put in a new radio system.

AC Compressor ceased, don't want to mess with it anymore. Gives nothing but problems

And the more you give gas do you louder no noisy is

My Lincoln Navigator 2004 keeps stalling every time I put it in gear but have had times where I am able to drive it but it shakes really bad and sounds like it's going to stall on me. The emmision light came on not the engine light but was told it was one in the same. I just recently had it repaired for a head gasket and don't know whether the problem is related to the problem I'm having now. Which I would like to know before I take it back and complain, since they charged me $2000 & was good only for 1 week before the problem I'm having now started. I won't complain if it has nothing to do with the head gasket repair.I would like to know whether it is or isn't & what it can possibly be that is causing it to do this.

My 2001 navigator continues to shake after having coils and plugs replaced. Everything from catalytic converter fuel pump and compression has been checked several mechanics have all said they don't know what's wrong

when i turn my wheel i makes a lil bit on noise but not to much

gas tank is full, car cranks strong, just won't start