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Fan dies shut off when car is off but as soon as I start car fan turns on and runs all the time it never did that before
There is a clicking noise only when turning on ac. The ac works great, but the heater doesn't get hot like it should
I was listening to my cd and it just shut off and went to radio so i tryed to eject it and it read cd error
I came home from work this morning and when I went to go to the store the engine won't turn over..... lights, ect are still working..... it's like it's locked up
My radio will not come on
I have my aunt's 1991 Lincoln Continental with 11000 original miles :) It seems to work well apart from the ride control. The light comes on, the alarm beeps and the car is a low-rider!! (i.e. it doesn't rise up to ride level) The compressor starts as soon as the ignition is on. What to check first? We put it up on the lift and the bags appear to be in great shape. We can't hear any obvious leaks. We connected the code reader to see if there were any registered faults and all we get is a power steering pressure switch code. Can you advise where to start? We figure either the compressor isn't making air or there is a massive leak somewhere. Maybe disconnect the compressor and see if we can actuate the bags with shop air?
I was driving about 70 mph (with cruise control on) and coming to a quick stop when my engine/tacometer revved up all the way to red. The car would barely move forward. There was a slight burning smell that went away, eventually. I turned off the car and let it sit. After about 30 minutes, I started it and drove off fine, but it still feels like it's not as powerful as it should be.
Car quit, water pump went out, drained into timing chain, etc, ruined engine and hot/cold registered normal!
Pull sharply left when braking at highway speed
I changed out my car alternator and battery ,now I loose power when I turn it over ,so the lights and everything light up then I turn it over and then there is no power at all ,then i wait a bit and the power is back enough for the lights to work, then i do it again (turn it over) and i loose power again, I believe I changed out the battery wrong ,causing the anti-theft system to misread,don't know how to reset it any answers will help big time , my car is sitting on the side of the road in a bad area HELP!!!!!
It is happening all the time now. The back end won’t open but the glass lift gate will. When I push the button it just clicks like it does when it opens but then it won’t open.
My Drivers side puddle light and signal does not work. It is not the bulbs or fuses. Does anyone have any idea as to how to fix this?
Headlight is melting inside of socket. Replaced it 5x. The last time replaced it melted an hour later. The bulb itself was tested all 5x and still works.
our 1990 Lincoln town car has had a trans whine for about 6 months now, and it whines in all gears, even in Park and neutral. It goes away slightly in 3rd gear and in overdrive, you can faintly hear it. The fluid is fine and at the full mark, and the transmission seems like its working fine, but it sometimes takes 5 or more seconds for it to shift into drive or reverse. When it rains, the whine disappears completely and comes back after the rain stops. Usually the whine slowly goes away as the engine warms up, but its still there and when accelerating in Reverse, 1st, and 2nd, you can hear it and in 3rd and overdrive, the whine isn't there at all. In park and neutral, the whine is there, but its not as loud as it is when the engine first starts
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