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Pumps back up when started

After changing brake fuse it works for a little while but then does it again

Drove to store. Parked and when coming my truck didn't start

How do I find the horn location on my 2014 Lincoln MKZ hybrid?

My car has new compressor and orifice tube installed. A new accumulator dryer was also installed but I left off oiling the dryer but oiled my new compressor . Anyone have a solution ?

Car suddenly went into "neutral" mode while driving up a hill and would not engage into any gear. Heard constant whining noise coming from the engine compartment when trying to put it into Park. Vehicle still rolls on its own while in any gear, including Park, like it is in neutral. Can someone please tell me what the problem may be and how to fix it?

the engine will spit and sputter at 4000 RPM the a/c just stopped working the last time it was out on a long drive it stared smoking and had the odor of electrical burning also the rad cap blew off one of the fans are not working

My headlights will not work I'm not sure where the fuse box is at to see if its the problem or what else could it be??

I am upgrading my plugs and wires and I was wondering if I should upgrade the coil packs also

The car does this slow start thing every morning and after car is considering drive the car turn it off turn it back on no issue It's very odd I can't figure it out

Fluid and filter changed

I need to know what tool to replace wheel hub assembly I've done my wheel bearing but a Lincoln is so what size is the cv axle nut and r the caliper star bits or 13 mm that's what I need to know i don't have a garage to do this so right now it's raining so I cant check so I just want to know so I can get them all together before I start

I just need the tool to replace it

can the power steering pressure switch be replaced without completely removing the hose or a/c compressor.

I replaced spark plugs boots could replaced fuel injectors fuel filter replace valve cover gasket got a compression test and number 8 failed what's the problem

car will not restart after it has ran for a while. when car has reached normal engine temp and ran for several miles. it will not restart and have to sit for 20 to 30 min before it will start.

my headights get stuck on when i turn my wipers on .. why ?

Dealership replaced radiator fan and harmonic balancer. The dealership keeps telling me that when the rad fan kicks in is the whining noise that I hear. It whines the whole time the car is running. When u turn the car off it sounds like a jet winding down. I have had the car since new and there was never the high pitched noise when running.

Fuel pump was replaced along with the starter and all the relays but the truck still won't start it clicks over and acts like it wants to but doesn't what could be the other reasons to why it doesn't?

I have tried youtube videos but cannot find whether it is the glove box or behind the hood at the firewall.

can i get air conditioning to go lower that 15c

I can not find the leak. Looked for a/c drain. Could not locate it.

The pigtail has been replaced once but there headlight burned out shortly thereafter. My mechanic said the entire electrical system for this needs to be replaced.


2 different kinds of idler arm town

Didn't notice it at first but after a year it really sounds bad. The truck still runs good it just sounds bad when I'm at a light or a stop sign

U didn't have name of my car in your choices

I own a 2005 Lincoln town car signature series. With the temp set to 60 deg. and the car engine warmed up and running and I turn the ac on, set to dash & floor vents air flow. Compressor and fan on, they work just fine.
Out of the driver side 2-dash vents I get cool air flowing, but out of the passenger side 2-dash vents I get hot air.
I am guessing that one or more vacuum controlled doors is not opening or closing properly. What do you think? Any and all information that you provide will be greatly appreciated. At one time I would diagnose and fix the problem my self. But at 85 with poor eyesight, it is no longer possible. If you know exactly what the problem is please give me a estimate of how much a dealer would charge for a repair. Thank you. Bob Schaffer

I have removed the air box and uncliooed the fan housing. But the ac lines block the housing from being pulled up and out.

What would make the car loud like a diesel and not want to drive?