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drivers side front speaker does not work
The car starts, runs and drives just fine but the gauges have stopped working.
I have a 2000 Lincoln LS V8 and when I use the A/C or heat there is a fast ticking sound coming from the center left vent. Everything functions properly, but the frequency of the sound increases as the level increases. On full blast it ticks every half second and slows down as I back it down. It's not coming from the engine just from that vent in the dash.
My door adjar light comes on, makes a chime noise , and sometimes the overhead light comes on?
I have tried WD40 it helped for a while and now has come back
It blinks five times, I think I know where to reset it , but directions I found online are too hard to understand can you instruct me on how to do this
Constant ...especially loud after cold start.
does not seem to be coming from the engine area but more a back end shutter. Not sure if the transmission is slipping or culd it be some sort of posi-traction problem. It seems to get worse after driving it over an hour
Where do I️ bleed the hose at? Do I️ put the water in through the coolant or the pipe?
Won’t go into four wheel drive, lights for the A4H, 4X4 come on when I I switch to em with the knob but the don’t engage. So just hoping I bought the 4x4 engage solenoid for $25 and I know where the engagement and disengagement solenoids are located but which is which, there side by side on the left side of the fire wall
While driving battery light and check charging system came on, vehicle died ten minutes later. Battery has power, makes a clicking sound while trying to start
does the light control module need to be programmed
I changed water pump but it still reads low coolant but it's not how do I reset it
My 2001 lincoln navigator will go in reverse but when i put it in drive it wont go forward
About 6 weeks ago I tried to start my car and nothing would come on. Would not start, lights would not come on, windows would not work, dash board lights and radio would not work. Auto Tech replaced the ignition fuse and it worked until now. Same situation, got in car tried to start it and nothing works
I have removed the dash control front bezel, the touch screen unit, and the CD player; I thought the AC/heater control unit would be in the cluster behind the bezel, but I don't see it. The wiring harness that connects to the front bezel, which I think services the touch buttons for AC/heat?, leads into a bigger harness bundle and goes...somewhere?

A diagram, step-by-step, and/or video of how-to would be awesome...
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