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The car is no crankingcranking its just become only
The stereo in the car does not work because it has an antitheft lock and the antitheft stereo system is a cassette deck P6802 how do I get to share it to work again
I had the unit repaired about two years ago and it was fine until last night. I tried again this morning but received error message again
My odometer is not working also my power steering, brake, abs light is on my wheel is hard to turn
Usually as part of 90,000 mile maintenance.replacement
It just happened today, I might have touch something but my phone is not picking up calls and when I go to menu and go to radio it shows phone and processes in calling. Same thing when I go to different menu
need to replace, doing it my self, but don't know exactly where that sensor is
After shutting off the engine, i observed after some time that the navigation screen and digital clock came on. This has happened about 3 times now. The second time was at night and got to find out the next morning as it ran down the battery. I don't know if its a fuse problem or something serious.
what part is this i need when P1705 pops up on the code reader
The warning light is intermittent
The car also needs a brake job. No problem, just muleage and pedal getting closer to the floor.
Can 0-20W oil be replaced by 05-30W oil ?? 50,000 miles on car, Oil change shop put in 05-30W oil according to their ticket. In warm climate {Fla. only use for long hard drives}

the window master switch on drivers door stopped working and caused all windows problems. the drivers window is stuck down. can I jump the wires to get it up ? what color wires do I jump ?
We bought a 2004 Lexus RX 330 that had Sirius XM satellite installed and the radio doesn't receive hardly any stations. Any thoughts on how to disconnect the satellite and improve the radio reception?
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