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It consistently occurs whenever you start the car. When it eventually turns on it runs and cools fine.
dash looks wet and shiny when the sun is on it.
My A/c works great except on very very hot days. Then it blows hot air even if I’m driving on the highway
This is a 2013 model- i found the High pressure port.
I have a hard thump coming from the rear . apon acceleration. Happens sometimes .. Not sure what the culprit is please help identify
When you turn the radio up past 25 30 the sound cuts in and out or stops working for a few seconds then cuts in and out what is the problem
I noticed when i went to refuel my car yesterday that the fuel cap did not open even after i pressed the release button on the dashboard repeatedly. i had to leave gas station without refueling.

my car is Lexus rx350 2008.

this is the first time i noticed i had not refuel the car for more than one month.
My trunk will not close without slamming the trunk to close. Now it will not catch to the latch...and it will not close now.
Have 2010 Lexus is 460 an did air to coil spring conversion but now the check suspension light stay on how can I cancel that light out for good?
I noticed there is heat coming from
The passenger side wheel well. Has a slight smell basically like an overheating sort of smell. My car engine gauge works I had a heat pump and radiator repaired a couple months ago. I also notice the front of my car keys off a decent amount of heat out of the grill after turning the car off, with a similar smell. My car seems to make a whining noise like the power steering when idling from the front right as well however my steering is ok and I got maintained a month ago.
Tried changing the transmission fluid and checked all the bolts still overheating
4lo and check engine light showing on 2015 Lexus LS 570 . we have replaced the 2secondary air injection pumps but problem still persists.
My battery is good, starter is good and all fuses are good. Absolutely no power to Lexus is250. No lights (interior or exterior- dash nothing) no beeps nothing.
This car has 176000 miles,all components are working and lamps with the exception of the stop lights also high and low beams , I check in fuse box in cabin and engine compt
Can’t put the finger on what’s or where the problem is.Any idea?
Thanks Jose.
Just changed the the rear brake pads
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