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This is my first Lexus sc400 and I love the car. At first I thought it was a starter coil problem so I replaced it. But now my problem persists. It will crank but not turn over, I think it might be a fuel system problem but am unsure. Is there any way to diagnose if it is? Any help at all will be highly appreciated.

The inside door handle has broken on my 1992 SC400 Lexus.

Lexus SC 400 rear differential problems?
Noise from the rear...worse at 60-70mph when let off the accelerator

engine turns over but its not firing

Changed spark plugs and all new wiring, still missing. Need information on timing advance, spark advance and electrical. What do I need to look for? Please help

just installed new tail lights but the right lights are stronger than the left ones.

My air conditioner qiut working, blower; compressor; display everything and it is not the fuse, what can I check next.

Out of nowhere my car just went, bad smell in gas, hard vibrating, and wouldnt stay idle. I had to press on the gas just to get it to stay in idle. The check ingine light is on but is not getting any codes. Ive changed the driver side catalytic converter but still the same. You can smell gas really bad and I cannot accelerate over 30mph. The car still drives, but very badly. HELP!!! any ideas from anybody? MY mechanic wants me to change the whole fuel line system. And Im not even sure if thats what is wrong. Again I ask for help.

several months ago something went wrong with the heating / cooling system in my cars seems as though something may be wrong in the air delivery duct the heating mode, the engine is making hot air but air barely comes out of the duct the a/c mode, cold air comes out of the drivers side dash vent at a reduced rate and the rate of air movement from the rest of the dash vents is even more reduced.

where is the low port for freon located

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where can i get a manual like chilton for my sc400 that will give me instructions on interior, body and mechanical.

the up and down on my power tilt just quit, how can i fix this problem myself

I was driving and notice that my temp guage suddenly went all the way up so I stopped and shut off the care. Went out and the engine did not feel any hotter than normal. Cranked the car and the guage was now half way up. I drove the car and the guage continued to go up and down at will, going all the way up and then coming down about half way and then up again. There were no fluids coming out of the engine and it did not smell hot. Is it the sensor or could it be something else.

welll i usually fill up my thank on thursday and by sat or sunday is half way i only drive it to work and back i live in inglewood nd work at the lax airport so its no that much of a long drive.

How do you replace the driver's side interior door handle on a 1993 Lexus SC400?

Misses at idle and on acceleration. No check engine light but has codes for IAT and engine speed sensor. Where is the engine speed sensor?

Looking for a schematic on how to replace the starter in my 98 lexus sc400. I can find the diagrams online of the actual part, but looking for how to get to the starter.

The freon slowly leaked out after the last visit to a Toyota dealer, maybe coincidence, it is 17 years old and this is the first problem I have had with the a/c.
Sincde the freon is so low, the compressor will not engage when the a/c butoon is pushed.

its been 1 1/2 months

Two problems: 1)Noticable vibration at 2000 rpm in Park. Noise heard about 65-70 mph like a harmonic sound (clothes washer sound). Tires have been replaced. 90K service performed in November including all belts, timing belt.

The fuel line broke when changing the fuel filter. how much will that be.

my car messed up out of no where, when i took it to the shop they say my car has a misfire. the machine that they are using to tell where the misfire is coming from has not told them anything, my car idles really funny and shaky, my rpm line is bouncing between the 123 and getting stuck and the car is smoking out the pipes black smoke, i can drive the car but it rides really bad and it will not accelerate over 30 mph....

every time over a bump i can feel the car hitting real strong is like the front end is about to hit the ground i recently replace the struts so i do not know what else need to be done?Thanks

What kind of recharge kit would i need to buy to recharge my ac. It no longer blows cold.

light above the cooling gage on the left side on dash board comes on when I start the car. It has the shape of a bird cage. Please tell me what this means?
Thank you, Carolyn

i am replacing the tork converter for this car and i cant find an after market service manual anywhere the dealer sells one for like 150 but thats a bit much for something i can almost do without but it would be nice to have one handy. if anyone knows anything please reply or email me at

how do you change the gear shift stick or the internal parts my push down button pop out

what can be the problem when you get a loud humming whistling noise from the transmission area

The dash led lights have become dim or not at all. I was told the only to repair was to replace the dash assembly.

we have a 94 lexus sc400 and the theft system has shut down the motor because we switched battery. power door locks in op and no keyless entry fob help ron