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Compressor will not turn on but has been checked and does work. Fan works but only blows hot air. Previous owners son put original radio back in without hooking up. Could he have cut a wire or done something to air conditioning?
There are no misfire or noticeable effects.
The transmission did not exhibit any problems, pulled hard and shifted smoothly. Then gradually started taking it's time to find a gear. Now there is a slight whine noise and long hesitation to reverse and no other gear. Full of fluid and not mistreated about 145,000 mi. I am not getting any codes except a 71 which seems to be a hard code in this computer. Used computer that seemed to work well in this car. Have cleared this code only to have it reappear......... Hope someone can help....
Actron 9575 standard OBD2 scanner. Lexus seems to be a 17 pin semi circular port. Research says car is OBD2 compliant. Leads me to believe adapter will be sufficient. Know I can spit out the codes by bridging TE1 and E1. Looking for a way to use my existing tools.
car running fine son got dui car was parked 3 months
It does not start moving according to my speed until about 10 to 15 minutes into driving. Recently had transmission done about 5 months ago and after sometime of regular driving it kicked back in but a week ago had to get a new alternator and now it has been 3 weeks and it is still delaying to work properly. My check engine light and TACT OFF light is also on and comes on after about 10 minutes later as well. What do I need to get fixed or done because I need to do an emissions test soon?
My car is acting strange it's done it before. It's like the car has a mind of its own. I used to put cheep gas and it started to shake and exhaust smoke would pour in my cabin. So I changed to premium after the mistake I made. So it ran great for a month but just recently it started again it would stall and shake and smoke would come in the whole 9 yards. The check engine light is not on so what's wrong? I love this car but I can't figure out the problem. Your suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks
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