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Several times I open the boot or trunk of my car manually I.e, I have to open one of the rear passenger doors to stretch my hand to open the boot of mycar,
Driver side temp control button fails to change temp from max cold to any higher temp
I had my tires balance, aligned, and rotated. My tire dealer said they see no problem with alignment parts. I Feel excessive vibration especially at speeds higher than 65 MPH Can feel it mainly on steering wheel. Hard for passenger to notice it.
What would it cost to make this repair. I have 210000 miles. on this car.
This is the first time in two & a half years! This problem started yesterday 13-11-2015.
New tires and had them re-balanced yesterday. No warning lights on dashboard. Thanks...bob
Do I need to replace motor? Everything on the switch works except to faster speed on wipers.
the window controls works for the drivers door but does not control all three of the other windows.
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