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The outside rearview mirrors do not automatically adjust when backing up.

Heater worked one minute and the next it only blew cold air. I was low on antifreeze, I added some. What could the problem be??

what do these mean

Sunroof will not close...Lexus says cable on each side is broken and will cost over 1,500 to fix...anyone else having similar problems or knows how to fix?

This trans. lag problem started at around 45,000 miles. Took it to dealership multiple times - 1st software update worked as well as 2nd software update: NOTHING CHANGED! I'm supposed to write a detailed account of how often the "problem" occurs...IT HAPPENS EVERY SINGLE TIME I DRIVE MY CAR!

Also, pre-set seat controls stopped working. Sun roof not properly working.

I get tunup on pep boysthey give that code too me

I know they have recall/replace the dash on other vehicles. My dash is all cracked and I'm afraid the air bag will pop out if it gets any worst.

Thank you

It happened twice in 3 months during 3-4 hour extend trips driving at turnpike speeds. If feels like a tire is seperating it is so strong of a bumping noise. I pulled off, saw nothing obvious and everything was fine the rest of the trip. Sounds and feels like you are trying to put it in park??maybe, hard to explain
Dealer say brakes etc are fine both times.

Should just take it for an engine diagnostic? What should be my first approach for both issues. I was driving, while on the road Automatic headlight leveling indicator on and a about 2 hours the Check Engine turned on, what should my first steps??? Frustrated!

I just had the relay switch replaced for $507 and was told it would last approx 6 months before I would have to replace the compressor & relay for approx $3,000. Is this true?

When turned on, the ac works, but turns off by itself after a few minutes, in 80+ weather. When turned back on, air feels warm. Turn off/on again, it works. Engine heat indicator seems to move up high over the half mark, drops when AC turns off. This never happened before. What should I check? Thanks

No lights no radio no windows. Car in park and nothing was left on overnight. Car was fine yesterday but rear window wouldn't work unless I kept clicking the button and it would move in spurts. Today it's just dead. Any thoughts

Hi, after a general service my car's traction light came on, then the car would not start - the service team took my car away to be assessed in safe mode. it has been two weeks now and they cant figure it out? anyone know what might be wrong? Thanks Amanda

I have a 2005 Lexus RX330 its a great car.. Runs wonderful.. today I went to the store and it ran fine.. When I got home and cut off the car.. I restarted it to check it.. I turned it there was a small click but.. it wont start... Its not the battery already had it checked at Auto Zone and Walmart and they both said the battery is fine.. That and my lights, Horn. Radio etc all work... could this be the starter? I was thinking it was the alternator but the guy at Auto zone said if it was the alternator it would have drained the battery.. He said it sounds like the starter? Can anyone help?

first time this has happened

We owned 2 Lexus RX 330 and the sunroof stopped working on the first one a couple of years ago but since then we have replaced that car with the same one and the same issue arose with the sunroof where it does not close. Is this a known issue with these SUV's?

lights are all lit up on the dash now (were not on when I sent the car to personal repair man). He tells me to bring car to dealer if lights are bothering me that much. Any way to reset?

If AFS light is flashing and the AFS button on the dash does not turn it off, what is wrong?

If the AC is set up on the same temperature the driver side blowing wormer temperature that passenger and can not get cooler.

does switching increase chances of leaks?

My RX with 70K miles
When accelerates vehicle jumps or jerks. Its like feeling of little hang and jumps the car. I did check with Lexus dealer, they check with computer and DTC reader and confirms no issues.

Transmission OIL and filter replaced, engine oil filters and oil changed.

Pl let me know any have any idea.

The clock remain @ 000 however thr rev meter works fine

What are symptoms of power steeering pump problems? what is approximate cost to replace? How would I know there is a need to replace?

Why is it so expensive to replace a right rear wheel bearing. $463 parts and $450 labor. I understand the labor. Why is the part so expensive?

Engine will not crank/turnover. New battery w/clean terminals. All accs, lights
Door locks, etc. Works.

Is there anyway to set this default value?

the problem occurs after the car is running for about 5 to 10 minutes.