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When i stop at a light it will jump a little
shfter is hard to get out of park and into drive....
what causes the shifter to jam?
Transmission repair
This is the first time this happened
Please email me asap, I am leaving very soon, as soon as it's fixed, I'm leaving for medical reasons....
opening wire feels lose in dashboard
Just had bearing replaced ever since my car gets put in drive and I start to accelerate it makes like a weird grinding type noise didn't know if this would be a error the mechanic made or something else only does it when the car just starts to accelerate
Have no brake lights!
I suspect my lexus rx330 have sucked water after a heavy flood that covered my area, the engine was switched off and refused to start.
I bought this car like three months ago and the guy didn't change anything in it.
car will not start
Car accelerates very very slow even while driving or standing still.
while driving all lights came on at once I also have a screeching whistle sound if air is on usually stops after a few min. but sounds horrible. on freeway had a bumper from a car come flying at me and could not be avoided so I ran over it the next day all these lights came on any ideas would be appreciated thanks
Does the headlight need to be removed?
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