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I replaced knox sensors, sprark plugs, gas cap,thermast, diagrapham and still have a check engine light come on. Why? Also over drive sometimes works and othertimes it does not engage. Why
My lexus RX300 transmission system is not selecting after working on the shaft.
Could be a draw but would have to further diagnose
When I turn head lights on the center console dims. I just put a new battery in. It has never did this before.
It's knocking which doesn't make sense that it's a belt like I've been told. But if it's a chain it makes more sense. No check engine lights are on
Ring & brake light comes on going down rd.
it comes on & goes off when it wants to
I just know my car run bad and I can't get to 2nd gear and it's not getting the power I know it need to get speed
started flashing a few time and now just stays on
battery has been draining when left for two three days also the lights VSC and check wont go out most of the time
The only way to get vehicle to go into gear is to manually do it from the switch under the truck. This has happened several times what is the problem
Problems occur when I start car at end of work. Does not smoke when driving.Today the car has not been idling smoothly on my way home.
I was putting terminal covers on the battery and i think i blew a fuse. everything is dead and i can't fine the blown fuse.
I reset it by simply diconect ing the battery
When i stop at a light it will jump a little
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