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it is a squeaky noise and after the air gets sucked in it stops
lock door function will not work electronically and
lock button will only work manually
can exit the car only if I click the unlock on the key or the unlock button manually

further usually now if I open the door and click the lock function and close the door, the doors will lock electronically , but after I walk a few feet half the time the alarm will go off
if I then click the unlock button on the key and then the lock button the alarm will stop , relock and stay locked

both a Toyota and Lexus mechanic have examined it and are stymied
the Lexus mechanic guessed that the driver door mechanism must be replaced, but 2 tests he asked me didn't work
1. when alarm goes off look to see if red door button switches back and forth and 2.listen for a clicking/unclicking sound comes from the driver's door

neither ever happened

I have a lexus 2000 rx 300 that has trouble code 1354 I have a check engine light on that blinks on and off from time to time. the Trac light also comes on after the car is warmed up The car had been running fine. Now, it smells like gasoline, especially noticable when I start it. It runs a little rough at idle. It also has developed a problem with shifting. What I would call "third to fourth gear"; what I notice is that as it speeds past 40 MPH and then to 50 MPH, it should shift, but it doesn't. It acts like it's in L2, but it's in D and the overdrive is ON. If I take the OD OFF, it doesn't change anything. any ideas what the problem can be
when am driving and want to apply brake i hear a brake warning and when i continue accelerating it stops.continue in that process as i try to apply again.
Plus the car is riding rough when cold. I did change the gas cap but now it is on so tight that I have to use plyers to remove
T1155 2002 rx300 thank you
codes reveal misfires on 3,4,and 5. In addition, periodically, the brakes do not stop the car. They slow it down, but after one depression the pedal becomes extremely hard, like pushing on a rock, and does nothing to help stop the car. Can these issues be related? (It has been extremely cold outside.)
plus rpm lower than normal
this problem would just start sometimes at kick-starting the engine or inbetween motion, whenever I take my leg off the accelerator.
My car seems running fine. but sometimes (two three times a week) it makes noise (seems like something is holding it to go forward from full stop) when I press gas paddle after releasing the brake while driving. I have recently changed all brakes, rotors, brake fluid tube and calipers but the problem still exist. I have 145000 miles on the car and never did tune up since bought. Any help will be appreciated.
I used synthetic oil from the begining never had excessive oil consumption issues. Changing oil every 5K miles. Current milage 240K
We buy new battery, when we park the car, the next day, it has to be jumped, starts easily, seems to be a slow power drain? When switched on, the parking/brake? lights (the round smaller ones on the end of the front grill) seems to be on and won't cut off. What should we do?
My care is making a loud vroom sound every time I hit the gas.
I was driving the car last night and the check engine light came on... I don't know whether I should just take it to Advance first to see what the codes are or go to the dealer directly..
orange light with lines from the back is on
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