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no brake lights checked all fuses and installed new brake light switch and still don't work. warning light not coming on to tell me that a light needs to be replaced is not coming on either.


10 year old grandson in car=how do I disable passenger side air bag

why my gas mileage on my 2002 rx300 is going down, now to 14ml per gallon (from 16.9) even though i am changing oil, checking tires etc; water pomp, all belts have been changed and car has 95000 only
what could be done to improve
thank you for your help

Transmission will not shift down into 3rd gear. So when the car gets to about 50 mph the rpm's are still very high (4000 rpm) Is this something I can fix myself or is it a dealer onyl kind of thing?


When driving my RX300, just after going over a speed bump (almost stopped), then start to accelerate, I get a noise in the front right hand wheel area...kind of a bu, bu, bu,bu, quickly, like a shaft is slipping in splines all most...and when it does it, the car basically stops moving....Took it to a local Toyota dealership, and they said the traction control sensor had rust all over it. They cleaned it and "0" calibrated it?.....seemed ok at first, then about 6 miles from the dealership, it did it again (just once).....Did they over look something, or could I really have a real transmission issue??

129,000 miles, ABS light comes on and pulses when ever brakes are applied no matter what the road conditions. AT highway speed the light comes on with out using the brakes. once I slow to city driving again the light goes out.

just purchased 99 RX300. was slugish on accerlation, changed oil, oil filter, air fliters, idfferential fluids, tranmission fluid. added fuel injection cleaner. that took care of the sluggish acceleration but still has low, 12 MPG average, and high RPM (3000 @ 70 MPH) dealer told me that they replaced the Mass Air Flow Sensor. no check engine light ????

Auto Zone checked the codes and here is what they found: 1)Air/Fuel ratio sensor circuit response malfunction(bank 2 sensor1) 2)Air/Fuel sensor circuit range/performance malfunction(bank 2 sensor 1) 3)Camshaft Position sensor (CMP) "A" circuit - Bank 1 4)OCV circuit malfunction (bank 2) 5) Heated Oxygen sensor - bank 1 sensor 2 (HO2S12) circuit malfunction 6) System Too Lean - bank 1 7) Air/Fule Ratio Sensor Heater circuit malfunction (bank 2 sensor1) Jeeeeez !! The car runs fine and idles fine. Whats the deal??

This vehicle has 250k miles but engine was replaced by Lexus at 100k. At approx. 140k car began to idle/run rough and not able to go into overdrive (OD)and bad exhaust/fuel smell. Had oxygen sensors replaced and problem went away for approx. 3 mos. but now back...had a check of codes and came back with the following --P0300, P0305, P0304 and P0446. What exactly do these codes represent and they pinpoint the real problem or just a starting point? I should also say that my check engine light is not on. Any help/guidance is appreciated.

I replaced o2 sensor one year they said rear side sensor gone and 2 sensor will cost $500.00,also i have to change my engine pipe which cost 300 bucks. Is it real price?

i need to know what to do in order to make the control for the mirrors to work.

I recently went to a repair shop for an oil change and was told I need a timing belt. How much should this cost?

check engine light on constantly - Code displays "no connection", when put on machines. Any ideas of what the problem could be.Lexus in my town kept car for a week and could not diagnose the problem.

I have owned since 25,000 miles. has 125,000 miles. Fully maintained. Just put new brakes on. Did Right Front wheel bearings at 100,000 miles. Other than that no problems. What kind of mileage do you see comparable cars lasting to? Is it time to trade in for something else?

how much does it cost to replace the ignition coils in the RX300

We are getting a motor mount vibration according to the dealer. Is it possible to replace them and what is approximate cost?

car overheating and then suddenly cools, sounds verymuch like a bad thermostste

The passenger door lock does not work any longer.

I noticed my check engine light come on, and i also get a knocking sound when i try to accelerate.
In addition when i am accelerating, the check engine light flashes. I also noticed a burning smell, what can be the issue. it is a 1999 lexus RX300

This has occured many times in the last few weeks, i have been told that it is some type of control valve that needs replacement.

When going over bumps the right rear suspension klunks; everything appears to be tight as the strut and top mount were replaced with new parts. Also vibration in right rear driveline which varies with speed. Could the two be related?

I had the engine oil lite come on in cold weather and the engine knocked before I could shut it down. The bottom oil pan had sludge in it but the top looked sludge free. Lexus dealership did a dianostic and said it sounded like a main bearing failure.

po136 is code that comes up says its 02 sensor circuit malfunction bank 1 sensor 2. my question is how do you know witch sensor that is and were is it on vehicle also vsc light is on with engine light. thanks for any help.

I have a very low mileage 2000 Lexus RX300. I currently have 62,500 miles. I have taken very good care of the car and have performed every service recommended by the manufacturer. My dealer is now telling me I need $2500 repairs. Timing belt, water pump, rear main seal, cam and crank seals with T/belt. I am experiencing no problems and haven't noticed any leaks. Am I being given a snow job?

Where is the tail light relay located? Could this be my problem?

I have a 2001 Lexus RX300. Had AutoZone run check on engine & have codes P1150, P0304, P0300, P0306, P0125,P0174. The check engine & VSC light came on after I had the battery replaced 2 days ago. Sounds like serious trouble?

What would it cost to replace a locked up transfer case, which jamed up and cracked spline in transmittion which cracked front pump in transmition which cracked the fly wheel. Only part supplied by owner is a used Transfer case missing the pins, all other parts will be new. Estimate parts and labor.

My remote sometimes don't lock all my doors. I have to lock them manually. Do you think that I need a new battery for the remote control? are should I look for another solution?

This question has recently been posted - here's more detail about the problem. Vibration feels like driveline. Comes in at 20-40 mph. fades out, comes back a little at 55 with an oscillating drone. Can feel it slightly at all other speeds. Transmission has been rebuilt (geartrain hand grenaded) by a top notch shop. Transfer case wasn't touched. Supposedly, the vehicle had no vibration before the work was done - can't be verified. Diagnosis pointed to rear driveshaft section - renewed - no change. Front driveshaft section was renewed - no change. Both front axles were renewed "just in case" - no change. Got 3 ASE Certified Master Techs brainstorming on this and we're stumped. No chance of transfer case to transmission misalignment. Wondering if problem could have been installed during rebuild procedure somehow. Have done 3 more of these units in the past 6 months - no problems. Units have correct fluids. Engine RPM is not related - it's all about road speed. Vibration goes away (almost) when the load is off (as in "float"). Vibration can be felt pretty good with a manual downshift - i.e., engine braking loads the driveline and the vibration intensifies. It's definitely not tires, brakes or engine related. Not a noise - it's an actual vibration - just like a bad u-joint. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :o)