Lexus LS430 Questions

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It will turn over but won't start
Acts like it isn't getting gas?
I keep the AC off until I can make it to my mechanic or does that matter?
expensive to repair! Is he right? Buy car without nav,,,
The right side camber was pushed too far out during a alignment what need done to get a proper alignment?
When it died, the car's power steering went out but the stereo and interior electronics functioned fine. The car would start, but would hold idle and die again. Had it towed to a shop (not dealer) and they seem to be struggling with the repair. They seem to think there was a short that fried the alternator and fuel pump and they're struggling with reprograming the the fuel throttle sensor. Are these cars know to have electrical problems.
Thanks for you help
for about two hours
The "electronic receiver" that responds to the commands from the door key buttons needs to be replaced.
The trunk is now heavy and slams shut quickly.
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