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My 99 lexus ls has a vibration when driving I've had the car a year and it's always done this. I recently put on new tires and there are no dash lights on. Feels like something out of balance under the hood. Its pronounced when you rev at idle could this bes bad fan blade I've also had new coils and plugs replaced
Replaced timing belt and all belts last spring. Noise is not constant, still there when car is running but in Park. Turned of AC but noise is still there.
I tried the override and rocking the steering wheel
Won't start I think I may have pulled the wrong fuse by axeadent plz help?
On the dash the battery indicator light stays on. The car starts up but will not shift into park or neutral. I have headlights but no brake lights,tail lights or signal lights. On the inside nothing works(i.e. ac/heater, radio, windows, mirrors, seats, instrument panel is blacked out as well as the dash. I do have interior dome lights and door lights but that's about it.
will my engine automaticly shut off if the car runs hot while driven or the sensor being bad will do that.
last week car ran fine this week when I push on the gas it takes for ever to get up to 20 miles, it also revs up when at a stop light. when I turn it on in the morning it shudders and vibrate very loud and it has a strong gas odor.
I would like to replace the bulb.
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