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how should this be repaired?
everything in the car is okay. no check engine no oil light . there's no other light is on too.
back up light driver side is not working passanger side works fine I did checked everything else works it seems no power on driver side wire did changed the bulb still not what else could be did checked fuise box it looks all good and wires all connected, thanks for your help
My car just started jolting when I push down on the brake all the way. I took it to 2 different shops who told me it looks more like the ECU unit and not the transmission. Because this is a common occurrence these units are hard to find (because this is so common) so they advised me to take it to a Lexus dealer. I took it to a Lexus dealer and the service representative told me it was the transmission and quoted me very high prices. I said are you sure because both mechanic shops agreed what it was and told me it was NOT the transmission. Has anyone had this problem and knows what needs to be fixed?
I don't see any vibration engine runs smooth but when I put my foot on the break pedal it getting too loud and I did put new pcv walve still same what would be the problem thanks
Very low rpms and when I step the gas nothing happens, I have to restart and that usually fixes the problem
New heads as well, changed solenoid. now ECM problem we think. Any tricks to turning off check engine light.
I have had a new battery and cables ,and new alternator installed.. The dealer even made a new key. But every now and then ,you turn the key and nothing happens......Is there a neutral safety switch or something else that they are missing???
I have tried disconnecting the battery and checking the fuses under my driver's seat;I don't know where the fuse bow is under the hood though. I wouldn't even know which fuse to check.
The battery is fairly new so it cant be that. I seem to think something is on and draining the battery because when the car wont turn on, I jump it with cables and then it works. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
very curious I've never owned this car before i recently bought the vehicle off a private seller so to day i went to work car started up fine for the past 8 days of purchase but i see the interior clock stays on and i have to manually turn off my radio whats going on
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