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How do you. greese balljoint
The problem is constant regardless of how low the passenger side temperature is set. What is the problem and what will it cost to repair.
Replaced catalytic converter and smog tech said to perform a driving reset.
My 2006 GS300 developed a "bumping noise" on the underpinning of the vehicle. I checked, and it looks like the exhaust system has loosened and is hitting the body over bumps. Lexus wants about $1000 to repair. Is there no quick fix? Is there a place for a bracket or clamp? Why do you have to replace the whole system?
Pump is working. Sprayed a little stater fluid runs cuts out..
I had lock my cellphone in it 6months ago and had to go through the window to get it out .....but then the alarm system went off and the car has not started since.
watched utube video & it showed washer on back. when I took bolt off everything fell & didn't notice or find any washer that goes on the back side
Exhaust has been leaking at the mid pipe& the exhaust sounds like a go cart
Im getting code pO301&p0306.I changed all plugs wires& ignition coils email is
Im getting code pO301&p0306.I changed all plugs wires& ignition coils
Need help p0301& p0306 changed all plugs wires & ignition coils
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