Lexus GS300 Questions

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It does not want to shift gears
The starter is mounted on the transmission and has a fire wall right next to it. How can I remove that.
need to know if its the fuel pump or fuelfilter or somthing else
sounds like its not getting fuel
What years interchange with 2000 Lexus gs300
Had lost key but got another 1 made by locksmith
My heat/air only comes out of the defrost, also, the dual temperature does not work.
I did change computer main box and reset completed but sucurity light still on how can i do it to turn it off or cut it off
Loud alarm, when eng. starts no breaks. Drove fine the day before thin wham! No breaks! I did notice that the reservoir cap seal split and pice was found!
Probly not sealing, can this be a factor? Can the seal broken on the reservoir cap cause the problem by air getting in be the problem?
The check engine light comes on and will go off after a day or two
I'd also like to know where its located
The car has low compression.What does that mean and how much to Repair?
Water starts boiling on the reservoir.
It starts and idles at times but runs perfectly fine when it wants to. The left tire now makes a loud squeezing noise when I turn too.
I've always heard a humming sound when driving but it appeared to be a normal sound but last night it became much louder and it is a whiny high pitch sound coming from under the hood when I am idling, shifting or driving. We also noticed some noise when we turn the wheel. There are no error codes on the diagnostic reading nor any lights or messages on the dashboard.
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