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how much would it cost?
My 1999 Lexus ES 300 has too much play in the steering wheel , what causes this?
ran fine until now,i've replaced 02, 04, 06 coils about 9 months ago for same problem. what could be causing this problem. it seem like its a issue this car.
I replaced the coil pack in cylinder 1 but engine light came back on. when car is barely moving it shakes and has like a miss. when you listen to the tail pipe it has a sputting sound. It just don't sound right. what could it be? I have plenty of power when driving the car but at idle it lunges and has a miss. can anyone help?
There is obviously something wrong other than the battery. What can be draining the battery?
I think its cam or crankshaft sensor cause after going 40mph engine starts shaking then it stops ,on and off. Also got 3 other codes P1133, P1153, P1155 I think there oxygen sensors but hopefully they'll go away after I change the crankshaft.Please let me know what those codes mean. thx
My Lexus starting overheating after about 15 min. of driving. I added antifreeze to the car and now the temp doesnt reach the point of overheating but it still runs hotter than it should and I cant figure out why
How much should I pay to change power steering fluid pump?
I see some puddle of oil under the car.
The car drove fine then started to dump fuel and thick white smoke came from tailpipe along with gas. It also seemed not to be getting any power. I change the injectors and the fuel regulator prior to looking online to see that the ECU was often the culprit of these symptoms. Aftering change the ECU with a matching salvaged part the car now wont start, I even tried putting the old ECU back in to no avail.
On moderate acceleration, if I stop accelerating at 40 mph, the tranny seems not to be able to decide whether to shift into overdrive or not. I just had snows put on last week also. Are the two factors related? If not, what do I have looked at on the tranny?
My car is making an extremely loud sound each time I accelerate and bounces up and down when I hit a pot hole or go over bumps. I was told to have the struts replaced also. Overall what am I looking at as far as pricing goes from low to high for both repairs?
35k miles. Hear knock near firewall @ idle w/trans in gear. Engine sounds fine in P and N. Don't feel loss of acceleration. Never driven hard. Loose flex plate bolts or torque converter?
I am suspecting maybe the struts are worn out. It happens when riding over rough road, or coming down over a speed hump.
Thank you all,
Before replaced the throttle sensor, the idle slowly goes down to 0 and engine
Off. Then I tried to replaced the sensor, but I didn't taking off the battery.
After that, I turn the engine on the Idle goes up to normal position. I'm really feel
Good, but after test drive for around 5 minutes the engine slowly went down to 0 and off.
Do you think I might really kill the sensor? The battery went down to 10volts, I hold the gas for 20 minutes the battery increasing up to 12.47 volts. So, I think the
Battery any the alternator are fine. What else do I need to replace?

Thank you all again for the help...

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