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can anyone tell me which wire is for the intake air temperature
sensor if you can tell me the colour code of the wire or the wire number from the connector thanks
it occurs every time I press the gas pedal, especially when car is cold.
I checked it was a POS system earlier today my friend had one and it said the 1345 Code Red and 1235 could readwhen I started and don't stay running its raining all kinds of codes and it's easier than what it was before and alls I did was take it to a shop to get the tires changed and now its messing up what can I do I ran fine before perfect
Fault code #22 Warning light circuit. Any ideas on how to get rid of this light?
works good for a while then it don't then it will again
All recommended repairs are done, new tires, brakes, rotors, alignment, and other nits.
a tune up lights went off but drove it and lights came back on
Our 2001 Lexus has had a heavy pedal since we purchased the car. I just completed a front brake job with new rotors, pads and calipers. It still requires a lot of pedal pressure to stop the car. The pedal does go down more and easier when the engine is running vs. the engine off. I noticed the idle does go up if I pump the brakes repeatability. Is this a problem? Any suggestions for testing the booster or related components?
i had machanic replace ignition coils and he told me the manifold converter was turning red from heat, he replaced the fuel evap sensor. right now every thing is fine
It feels like it's going to cut off unless I put it in park. Also have a electric smell and white smoke coming out of the pipe in the back. They hooked it up a diagonstic to the engine to make sure everything was okay. They said it was fine. This is happening almost everyday. especially if I have to drive more then a mile.
how much would it cost?
My 1999 Lexus ES 300 has too much play in the steering wheel , what causes this?
ran fine until now,i've replaced 02, 04, 06 coils about 9 months ago for same problem. what could be causing this problem. it seem like its a issue this car.
I replaced the coil pack in cylinder 1 but engine light came back on. when car is barely moving it shakes and has like a miss. when you listen to the tail pipe it has a sputting sound. It just don't sound right. what could it be? I have plenty of power when driving the car but at idle it lunges and has a miss. can anyone help?
There is obviously something wrong other than the battery. What can be draining the battery?
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