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will my engine automaticly shut off if the car runs hot while driven or the sensor being bad will do that.
1. When the car sits for hours at a time idling (cause of my work)the radio will cut out and then the battery is almost dead. I shut the car off and try to restart the car but the battery is dead. After jump starting the car i take my 40 minute ride home and the battery is now charged. no problem on the start up in the morning after. everything runs smooth and great. This has been an on going problem for about 2 months. I learned not to idle the car so i dont kill the battery. I have the electrical system checked 3 times hoping for an answer. every time i get the same answer.... your charging system is perfect with no load or under a heavy load. and your battery is 100%. i do not understand how this is possible. please help.

2. only started in the last week. i start the car up to leave work to go home. after about a half mile my radio starts to cut out and the lights start to dim just like my battery is failing. i pull the car over and the car dies right there on the spot. After turning the key back on to try to restart the car there is no power. then a small light starts to appear on the dash for the gauge arms and the clock is very dim and flickering. so i try to start the car and nothing happens, all lights go out. so i let go of the key from cranking to on position and after what seems like 10 minutes ( realistically it's about 1.5 to 2 minutes all the lights come on on the dash and the radio is back on .... while utterly shocked that the battery is in fact not dead, i turn the car to crank and it miraculously starts up and runs smooth. No problems all the home. and for good measure i shut the car off and restart it with no problems. The next morning i have some errands to run with the wife and we get into the car and i start it up with no problems and take off. After about half a mile down the road the same thing happend again just like before the same way. i am at a loss for what to do or where to start. i can not afford to bring it to the dealer so that they charge me an arm and leg while it becomes a guessing game as to what the problem is ( in all passed experiance with dealer they always play the guessing game on what to change and it never solves the problem while my bank account keeps getting lower and lower or negative in this time frame)
Please help me and try to steer me in the right direction .... i am mechanically inclined and can do a lot of repairs on my own...
last week car ran fine this week when I push on the gas it takes for ever to get up to 20 miles, it also revs up when at a stop light. when I turn it on in the morning it shudders and vibrate very loud and it has a strong gas odor.
Gas leaking
Is there something else holding the rotor on. It appears to be the same as the front rotor removal.
My Lexus GS300 overheated while my friend who
I let borrow my car for 3 months was driving it & needless to say my friend doesn't know much about vehicles. So it has an automatic shut off when it overheats so he let it cool off then added 1 gallon of water let it cool off completely the rest of the way. He didn't know that once you start the car that the valve opens and you have to add more water so without doing that he started driving down the road again made it about 2 miles and it overheated again and now wont crank. A friend of mine's uncle is a mechanic and checked it out for me free of charge before I had it towed into a mechanic shop and let know that yes it is a blown head gasket. I have also been told I'm probably better off just replacing the engine.
got code po171,lean and p1130, bank 1 sensor 1
when the car starts it run perfect then just stalls out like I turned the key off? there are no codes being stored in the ecm!
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