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Specifically the front catalytic converter. My car's check engine light is on and it's jerking when I accelerate.
My car vibrates when I stop at a light Lexus said they didn't find anything wrong. Should I be concern?
Lexus say they didn't find anything wrong. Should I be concern?
Was advised that I need to replace the valve timing gear; it's leaking oil. How much should this cost? Thank you.
I could not see nothing on the dashboard. it would not show nothing at all no blinking signal no nothing!!! but it was still with power as i drove. and i tried to roll the window down and it would not roll down while the lights were out. after awhile pass the dashboard lights came back on again. this problem as happen twice today and once last week. Do you know what this could be? I took it to auto zone and they told me my battery, alternator, and starter was reading normal codes.
if I unplug the vacuum hose it runs by itself.
how should this be repaired?
everything in the car is okay. no check engine no oil light . there's no other light is on too.
Heater worked one minute and the next it only blew cold air. I was low on antifreeze, I added some. What could the problem be??
I just had 4 new tires, oil change and a wheel alignment on Saturday.
I have coolant in the car. The first time I start it it will not blow warm air. I turned it off and went back to start it and it warmed up. Why is it not blowing warm air?
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