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last week car ran fine this week when I push on the gas it takes for ever to get up to 20 miles, it also revs up when at a stop light. when I turn it on in the morning it shudders and vibrate very loud and it has a strong gas odor.
Gas leaking
Is there something else holding the rotor on. It appears to be the same as the front rotor removal.
My Lexus GS300 overheated while my friend who
I let borrow my car for 3 months was driving it & needless to say my friend doesn't know much about vehicles. So it has an automatic shut off when it overheats so he let it cool off then added 1 gallon of water let it cool off completely the rest of the way. He didn't know that once you start the car that the valve opens and you have to add more water so without doing that he started driving down the road again made it about 2 miles and it overheated again and now wont crank. A friend of mine's uncle is a mechanic and checked it out for me free of charge before I had it towed into a mechanic shop and let know that yes it is a blown head gasket. I have also been told I'm probably better off just replacing the engine.
got code po171,lean and p1130, bank 1 sensor 1
when the car starts it run perfect then just stalls out like I turned the key off? there are no codes being stored in the ecm!
I have 1 ohm across heater circuit when unplugged
I had an oil change and emissions test at a JiffyLube location in Utah last night. As I was driving home the check engine light came on. I returned to the service station today, and the diagnostic test showed a P0157 code. The manager didn't want to take responsibility for anything saying it was simply a coincidence.

Is he right, or is there any way the sensor could have been affected by the emissions testing?
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