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I just bought a used 2007 gs 350 and I noticed when I start the car a very light grey smoke from thr exhaust as well as black soot inside the left exhaust and wet black fluid(oil?) in the right exhaust. Car run great and smooth with great acceleration.starts quickly and engine idles perfectly

How do I replace the steering column tilt motor

My brake light warning light is coming on after hitting the brakes. I replaced the brake light switch completely, but it still comes on indicating something wrong with the rear lights. All the light bulbs are replaced, everything is working but still the brake warning light comes on and will not go out. Secondly, my check engine light is on intermediate. Most of the time it's on, occasionally it is off for about 2 day's then comes back on. My car is a OBD 1 so I tested the codes and code 71 comes up, meaning the EGR system, however, it just passed smog? so the EGR valve is working. Now, there are 2 wires connected to the EGR valve with a electrical connector, I was told that that is a oxygen sensor, could that be the problem, because I did cleaned out the EGR valve from all the carbon buildup. What could it be?

Where is the (headlight) rear-height sensor located?

There is no tugging from the front wheels and no performance problems when accelerating, only the noise and a little vibration.

I posted this question a few days ago about my heater problems. Either I did not explain exactly what is going on, because the answer to my question was more related to my A/C not working, then to my heater problem. The A/C works fine, I put in a new receiver drier, a new compressor, had the system flushed, and finally vacuumed and recharged by a professional, and it works great. The real problem I have is the heater. It keeps blowing hot air, even with the system turned off? Also, if I want heat, now I have turn up the temperature to over 80F otherwise I will have no warm air at all. So in short, turning of the heater will still gives me warm air, turning it on I need to set it to over 80F to get hot air, anything lower results in cold air. The cutting out of the A/C only happens when the outside temperature is over 80F and I take off at a traffic light after coming to a full stop. I can turn of the A/C, then 5 seconds later I turn it back on, and it's nice and cold again. My thoughts where, considering that warm air is blowing in the system while the A/C is running as well, makes the A/C overheat and cuts out. So, the real problem is not the A/C, although it could be related, but it's the heater.

After turning down the climate control to 65F I still get hot air to my vents, especially if I turn the fan up. Secondly, I have the have the temp on around 80F to get warm air, lower then that it will blow cold air. To top it all of, my A/C cuts out when the ambient temp is around or over 80F, I have to turn of the A/C, wait 10 seconds then I can turn it back on and it will work again until I come to a stop in front of a traffic light. I think that the heater hot air is over heating my A/C.

It has become more and more difficult to turn the ignition key to the start position in the 2002 Lexus ES300. I have tried re-positioning the steering wheel as well as lubricating the lock cylider and nothing seems to help. Is there a relatively uncomplicated way to replace the cylinder and what should I expect to pay for a replacement?

The remote key housing broke and i'm not able to put the key on a key chain,the key still works, Can i purchase the housing , if yes please provide a vendor.

sometimes my clock changes, and when i use my blinker the radio cuts out for a second. sometimes when i hit the brake the radio cuts out for a second. can see dash lights slightly dim when i hit the brake. doesn't always do this.

Anyone ever change the starter battery yourself? Does the system need a reset? I am told not by one informed automotive buddy but Sears would not touch my car. I have used two Lexus OEM starter batteries and going on a 3rd in less than six years. Lexus warranted the first two and the third would be prorated but still cost me over $100! So I can get a better battery (based on my research) at Costco for $60.

how much for a tune up , on a lexus 330es 2004

Where is transmission control compuer located.

All solenoids check out. Mechanic said it could a be bad pcm.

location of the ecm and heater core and how to repair

Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor

Where do I get the best deal for the 60000 mile check up and what is really needed or can I do it in several appointments?

My CD player keeps giving me an ERROR 4 code. I can't selecte it from the radio. It reverts back to the radio. Is this a simple fix or should I refer it to a dealer?

I have a 94 Lexus with 55k miles. The transmission seems to be stuck in third gear. It won't shift. My brother in law suspects and electrical problem after some research he has done.

Hello my guages is not working properly.

have read on a lexus forum where several people have had there water pumps replaced under warranty due to leaking. replacing with a redesigned pump. any documented info? thanks.


busted timing belt

I have had a problem starting my hybrid about three times now. When I turn the key the "ready light" does not come on. I have taken the key out to try it again and nothing happens. After several attempts it may start or I give up and come back to it later it starts no problem. I have taken it the dealer and they can find nothing wrong of course. I have also had trouble with the key physically turning in the switch. Are the two related and if so, why didn't the dealer put two and two together. Please help!

passenger side glass retainer is broken how much it will cost , as i have been advice it come attached with glass

I only have 84k miles on it. I have had it for 10 yrs now and have had all service checks, oil changed. I don't know if I should put this money into it or not? My mechanic said around 4k in repairs and he couldn't do the heat and a/c and bring to dealer. If I put this in, is the tranny going to go?

When I am driving occasionally I hear a quick whistling sound--can't figure out what; doesn't seem to be related to any particular activity.

compresser runs all the time, can not turn off with switch.

air condition runs all the time, can not turn it off with switch.

Passenger side brake light shuts off when brake pedal stepped on. Double filament bulb is okay as checked on the driver side light lamp housing.

Got too close to a curb and pulled out one of the clamps that hold the bottom outside door moldings, to the door. I see that I need to remove the whole thing to get it back on, but would like the know how, so that I do not do more damage than good.