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my car can't start,so after mecanic look over then
he said cause of oil pump bad it is true?

how much do i need to know to replace valve cover gaskets on my lexus es 300, is there a video i can watch?

Dealership replaced the VSV which did absolutely NO good. Feels like it wants to quit at times while driving. Doesn't do it all the time -- just sometimes but can be very bad. Mechanics are stumped. Had suggestion from friend that it may be the Ilde Air Control Valve. Any suggestions? Dealer is bringing in a "master mechanic" - don't want to pay "master" bucks. thx

when i start my car blueish white smoke comes out

the proble just happened

Washed my engine and now my engine runs rough. it has been three days now can not figure out what is wrong, checked the distibutor cap and the coil wires for moisture. just recently changed out the power steering pump, notice today that my rack and pionion is leaking from both sides.

CD displays error and won't play

my car memory seat working before and now it not working anymore. how can i fix it

What is the cost (labor) for installing used A/C compressor on my car (I can get used A/C compressor part on my own) in denver metro or DTC area? Someone please respond.

the air conditioning is running fine but even after replaceing blend door motor still no heat operating ?

my is an automatic transmission and it wont shift into gear and i would like to know why?

replace outer front tirods and wheel aligment

all at once my tilt stering seats windows trunk and fuel latch roof door locks stoped working all at once lost my owners manual checked fuses under dash all seem to be good what next need help

the machenic say have to change the computer is that possible and how much would it cost?

The car will not turn over with the key, only if you run a hot cable to the starter. Want to try replacing the ignition relay but can not locate the other box. I need HELP

I hit a deer and bent my hood in. I dont want to pay anybody jus to switch off my hood. I need instructions on how to take off and out on my hood.

My Lexus ES300 wiper on driver's side does not come all the way up on the windshield. It comes about 4/5 the way and goes back down. I tried tightening the bolt per suggested solutions on internet. Didn't work. How do I fix this, and what would it cost if I take this to a mechanic to fix it?

My 96 ES300 runs perfect and everything works great except for this noise coming from the hood when A/C is on and the car is accelerated, meaning noise occurs only when I step on the gas pedal. This noise sounds very much like engine revving sound. The thing is A/C works fine. What could be wrong, and what kind of repair cost should I expect?

One day the car started to be real loud when I excelerated.It sounded like a race car. What could could be the problem? I do not want to get ripped off. There are 3 parts to the exhaust system? If that is the problem do they all have to be replaceed at the same time. Could there be something else wrong?

every morning when I start my 1999 lexus rx300 car, alot of blue smoke comes out of the exhaust. I just bought this car about 2 months ago with 55,000 miles now I have 56,000 miles on it.
The interior of the car is in excellent shape. According to the previous owner, his grandfather drove the car.

wher is the thermostat located on a 1997 lexus ES 300


feels like the axel is loose, what are knckles in the rear

car is all over swerves like rear axel is loose
what are the knuckles

Bought the car used in February . Just returned from a 1000 mile plus vacation. Maintenance required light came on with indication to change air filter and something else minor. The front headlight assembly had to be repaired shortly after purchase because of condensation. It was a service repair only by dealer and was a huge expense. Car is parked in the garage I can put the key into the ignition and the steering wheel adjust but the key will not turn.

Got back from a 4 day trip last night, started my car and it made a quick weird squealish noise but ran normally as far as I know. Picked the kids up 3 miles away, drove a mile or so and noticed slight steam coming from the hood and the temp rising rapidly. Pulled over...radiator hose was off, not blow or torn but just off at the radiator. I topped off the coolant reservoir and reattached the hose. Temp read normal. Started the engine, temp dropped to cold then and I went two blocks, it rapidly rose to almost hot. I pulled back over shut it down, reservoir was full, fans running with key on but motor off. Shut it down to cool and try to get home about 2 miles away. Then, it failed to start...just clicking but not turning over. Reservoir was then empty. I topped it off this am and started the car (we had it towed last night) No leaking under the car, car has 200K but engine block was replaced (including water pump and timing belt at 105K) Engine oil was not milky or anything this am either. Dash Temp read cold for the 5 mins I ran it before I turned it off. Thoughts?

When I turn on the A/C the eng rpms go up, and makes the car
idle rough.

when climate control is on the center vents do not blow any air. air is blowing out side and floor vents only regardless that the display shows it should be from top vents only.

The overdrive does not engage sometime causing the engine to rev at high RPMs?

car runs perfectly no other problems.