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In the summer of 2014, i then had the lower valve hose replaced(think that is wht it's called) and tht workd fr a few mnths.I've learnd when to use the air so it doenst overheat. I got thru the summer refillg my coolant (w/water)every other day or aftr using the air. It is now winter, ive managed to use my heat fr the last 2 mths w/out a prob. Last nite it gt dwn to 10 degrees,the mistake i made ws fillg up w/water instead of coolant, so of course this morning (1/8/15) the car ran HOT less than a mile out. I let it cool and filled w/50-50 coolant. I drove it hme, The temp gauge ws normal, but the car was still smoking a bit.any suggestions as to why still smoking. (possibly coolant tht spilled on engine??), should i put cooolant in the spill over reservoir? I'had a mobile mechanic do the prev work and he suggested it might be the water pump, just a guess on his part, dont want to keep paying for a maybe.Any suggestions are appreciated.
The cap was missing and water got into the brake line. Will this be a costly exense
There are no other electrical or mechanical problems, it just stopped working one day. I push the button and it doesn't change.
When I fill my tan, my gas gauge only shows 1/3 full. This is a new thing after 200,000 miles.
When I turn the key, in the ignition, the engine struggles to start. Sometimes, I need to get a jump to start it. I have a new battery, my alternator is fine and once it's started, the engine hums like it's new. What could be the trouble? It's baffling, can you help?
My 2001 Lexus RX300 makes this beeping sound that seems to be coming from around steering wheel area. Every time the beeping sound comes on my cruise control no longer works and I have to press the gas petal (vs. cruising obviously) my steering wheel also feels like I have less control. I was told there was a recall on the Toyota ignition. Could this be the problem on my car?
My battery is one year old... I just had the service done 3 days ago... It is parked inside... There is not one ounce of battery power, nothing will work... I unhooked the battery and made sure the terminal connections were tight. Still nothing... Any suggestions???
also the brake light as if the emerg brake was on came on, brakes good, no fluid loss or stopping problems.Can Autozone code reader detect this problem?
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