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I have a 1995 Lexus LS400 that will start in park and in neutral which is normal, However, when i try to shift into reverse the starter re-energizes and will not stop unless you shift out of reverse. Any ideas what could be happening here and if you know can you point me to a drawing showing where I need to go to get started fixing this.

I have been told to find the Neutral Safety Switch and 12V brake line because they may be shorting out...I do keep blowing rear brake lights.

I have been told to check the starter relay and the starter solenoid but I can't locate either to check.

Any pictures, schematics, 1st grade instructions for repairs(Im a Mustang GT chic and know very little about Toyotas and Lexus'), etc. I am trying to get this car ready to sell and I don't want to sell it like this so any little piece of info will be appreciated!!!
My antena on my sc 450 will not go up. Is there a way to put it up manually.
It Stays in neutral. It has 202,000 miles. Recently had the transmission fluids drained and refilled. Currently waiting to hear back from the mechanic shop.
All ignition coils and all oxygen sensors have been replaced yet the check engine light and VSC light won't stay off after codes have been cleared. Diagnostic test still shows the same codes after vehicle has been fixed. RX 330 Lexus.
Seat back on passenger side is in vertical position and won’t recline . When pushing button, get no movement. Is this a fuse or electrical problem?
fuel system problem quickly stalls
Trunk won't close, latch not functioning.
the VSC light came on 4 days ago. And the same time the car start shaking when I first start it. It's in the shop now and they told me that I have 2 coils that need to be replaced and 8 spark plugs.I read that the VSC has to do with the traction and skid control.
Please explain.
What would cause the air suspension compressor to run but not lift vehicle?
When you turn on the ac the light blinking on & off but no air is blowing
Last month it was the right side. Today the left. Is there or has there been a recall? Went to Toyota place dealership. They told me I would have to have whole new assembly. At the time like I said was just the right side. Now my left side is in the same condition. My husband has electric tape on it them right now holding them in place. So ghetto. Please tell me I can get a cheaper fix that what Toyota dealership wants to charge me.
every now and then sometimes as often as driving during the day I hear this clicking knocking noise.
something is draining the battery, the battery keeps going dead and I just bought it . if I don't drive the car for a couple days it will not start up unless I get a jump... when I turn the key it sounds like the silinoid is bad I turned everything off except the flashing light for the security and that couldn't be draining it so what could it be?
VSC light and all lights came on. Cannot start vehicle. changed battery in FOB and checked gas cap to insure it clicked. what does VSC mean and how can this problem be repaired.
When u in a stop sing feel like u loosing power...when u driving the car when u try to accelerate it doesn't response right away only sometimes..
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