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i have Lexus rx 330 i already change starter, alternator, battery ,timing belt on my car odometer 158000 mile on it now my mechanic say computer is bad need to change .right now i try to turn on its clicking but not turn on the engine
while i am driving all of sadden shut off

AC vent behind glovebox making noise ever time AC turned OFF. Ac won't turn on automatically anymore--have to push button.

There's no check engine light at all with key on and no spark

I was driving car gave it gas and I died out on me..tried to start it back up but won't start..It'll turn over just won't start

Recently my radio was getting worked on and my radio, air and cigerrate lighter went out I don't know what happend could it be a blown fuse?

Get any pressure to the brake and no peddle.what could be wrong and how do I fix it?

When the car is locked up and outside, all the doors and sun roof open up if it rains. This has only happened at night, but that might be coincidence. I think it has to do with the rain. Is there a water sensor that affects the doors?

The 4 lexus logo lights on the bottom of the door jams that comes on when the door is open. The one on the front passenger side does not come on I'm assuming it's a fuse or a bulb how do I replace it

My auto shop is telling me that I have to pay $1,400 to repair my front and rear brakes, including pads, shims, and rotors. If I just get the front brakes done now, and the back later, will by car be safe to drive cross country?

had bulb replaced. other bulb was good. lights work fine one time and the next time they don't

I just know my car run bad and I can't get to 2nd gear and it's not getting the power I know it need to get speed

Its turning like it wants to start but doesnt fully turn all the way over

started flashing a few time and now just stays on

The antenna worked very well. It got broken in the car wash.

It happens when i put the car in drive,when i turn on the lights and while im driving some one said power stearing but i dont hear it when i turn the wheel

was driving, car shut off and wont start again

The trunk opens and the windows go down. The top wants to retract, but the latch, or latches wont release. Is this a sensor problem, or is a latch stuck?

fuel drop from pump to exzost and terble smell

battery has been draining when left for two three days also the lights VSC and check wont go out most of the time

My alarm fob opens the trunk. The valet switch works fine

in the trunk or behind the back seat where passengers sit in back of the car?

Jump started many times with old battery and installed a new battery 2 different times

My car was running hard, I told you husband. He checked it out to find that one of the wires was not connected. He says someone had to have removed ut, but no one has been under my hood. Can a clamped wire gomez off on its own?

Checked all fuses they are good. It does blink when valet switch is pushed

Car loses power wheels I am driving but only when I turn on the lights car will run fine all day until I turn on the lights then the rpms race but car does not gain any speed it's only throwing one code P1600 and when the lights are on the EPC light is on somebody please help

problem happens daily.

I can use my air but i dont know how to switch it over to heat

The left front head light does not stay on after cycling the head light switch, then the light stays on for a while

My traction control switch start blinking when I'm in the road and my left tire lock on me and the ABS go on and make my SUV go to the right side