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The doors are closing before I can get out of the car. They need adjustment or replace the hinge that controls the door swing speed?
For a 2001 Lexus Is300 is there only LED high beam/DRL bulbs? Or are there also Low and high beam LED bulbs ? Because only found high beam LED headlight bulbs
my car before three weeks didn't work and i changed the small battery and when i starting to operate my car READY word appear just for seconds then hided and the engine off and not starting.
When i test the car by the hybrid testing device the electrician told me to replace the hybrid battery.
I want to know if my hybrid battery still in the warranty time.
thanks very much.
It must have been a while (for the past year?). Passengers have said that the car smells musty. I only recently found it thinking that it was due to the carpets being shampooed and not fully dried. I felt the floorboard and it was wet. The mats themselves were not wet. However, the underside of it was wet. For the past few days, I've taken out the floor mats and let the underside of it dry. Isn't that odd? I felt the floorboard and it was dry the next day. As of this morning, there was still a smell so I put some baking soda for the odor. I vacuumed it and felt the floorboard and it was wet again. I don't understand this. No noises or leaks from my car that I am aware of. Please advise.
Thank you.
I have a 2005 Lexus ES330 model. The front driver seat leather has begun to rip significantly. I have found a seat for a 2006 model. Will that seat fit in my 2005?
The vsc/off service light comes on and the a b s light as well. and the ! light.The shop changed out the timing belt and water pump.including idler , tensioner & hydraulic belt actuator.
My 04 Lexus 470 comes to stop at light then when I let off brake to take off it jets or clunks like someone is bumping me from behind.
Last couple months a couple times I had heat on and noticed cool air blowing out. Today heat went on then went cool pretty quickly and sporadically went back to heat. Dealer said coolant leading from radiator and to replace it including hoses is $1250. Thermostat is $600.
I have changed the fuses. Checked for moisture in the trunk, as well. Nothing.
Bought this 1 owner w/130k 900 miles ago. No smoke in 78 degree weather. Check engine light on 3 days after purchase, dealer cleaned o2 sensor, apt. for new one. Then 1st notice a little blue smoke at cold startup cooler o.s. temp (45), sometimes a lot, not always. All cold starts. Used 3/4 of a quart in 7-800 miles.
Since then dealer free changed from oil partial syn to straight. Please no discussion about that experiment unless relevant.
2 engine starts since oil change, 1st little smoke, day 2 sustained cloud equal to previous worst. See what happens tomorrow.
Spoke to previous owner before I bought he told me he changed it with regular oil at home (but admitted that he let it go to 4000+ ,some bs about a little leak, cardboard on garage floor? No evidence of a leak ever seen).
Blank carfax for oil changes, assuming dealer serviced under factory warranty.
Very good once over at 86k.
Valve stem seals, sludge or what, weather temperature being the same on cold starts?
My car alarm keeps going off by itself once it's set
Replaced the battery and also keyless remote battery, car will not start and keeps blowing fuses.The keyless entry will not work. Only headlights coming on.
No heating in winter. Heat stopped working - no heat at all. Lexus wants to charge $200 for diagnostics only.
I want the steering wheel to stay in one position of no movement when key is inserted in the ignition.
the dealer price is $208.00 to replace fluid...does that make sense ?
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