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My lexus RX300 transmission system is not selecting after working on the shaft.

Have to replace the power steering pump unit, cause its leaking real bad from the unit itself. well everytime i fill up the power steering oil , it always tends to drains out quickly from around the unit

Just came on.

My power steering seems to stop working at low speeds and there is no leak the problem is getting more frequent and I don't want to ruin the pump I looked at some other posts and it maybe just the screen needs to be cleaned but sometimes when I manually unlock the car the drivers window rolls down and the locks unlock and lock sometimes too so I'm wondering if it's an electronic issue? Thanks for the help

How to remove the lower dash to replace the 30 amp main fuse?

turns over fine everything works inside. No check engine light.

I have been hearing a random chirping sound under the driver side dash for some time. I have recording the sound and taken it to a Lexus dealer and they don't have a clue regarding cause. It makes the sound with or without the air conditioner working. Sound is a very short chirping or beep type noise. It been occurring for some time and other than the annoyance doesn't seem to have any affect on functionality of any systems. Anyone have any thoughts regarding the cause of this noise?

check hybrid system light-the battery is coming to its end. "Battery pack deterioration"

no sqealing noise - just sounds like rubbing of pads or something against something else.

What maintenance is needed for my AWD hybrid Lexus SUV? At 106 k miles?

I need to replace the fuel gauge bulbs for my vehicle. I cant locate the information regarding the correct size for replacement bulbs located behind the dashboard.

presently will not shift into high gear

How do I disable the Active Noise Control?

Whenever I fill my tank with gas it doesn't read full. It only reads about 3/4 tank. It happens everytime I fill my tank with gas.

the rear backup camera is showing a grey screen when the car is put in reverse. The navigation system screen does function

Not sure if it is the car battery or the alarm control battery, I still see the little red light on the control though.

This is the 1st time to happen, where could the short or connection problem come from?

SomeTimes All My Dash Lights Well Come On. And I Cant Get It Out Of Gear. ?

Could be a draw but would have to further diagnose

I had my tires changed today and when i started driving my check vsc displayed and vsc off light turned on. Any idea what happened or any fixes.

When I turn head lights on the center console dims. I just put a new battery in. It has never did this before.

The shifter has no resistance and does not engage in any gear. does the computer need to be reset?

It makes this humming sound instead of clicking then it died when I got it to house I am thinking motor locked up but I can move that bolt that the belts hook too but can't get it to spend all the way round just half way back and forward

works fine nav.door won' close fuses under hood O.K.

blows fuse after a few minutes of what appears to be normal ops

Top will not go down.
Inside switch for trunk does not open the trunk

It's knocking which doesn't make sense that it's a belt like I've been told. But if it's a chain it makes more sense. No check engine lights are on

The emergency break is loose and does not engage in the first 5-10 clicks of the pedal. A car inspector (at overseas military base) told me to have the emergency break cable tightened.

My schedule maintenance log shows at 60,000 miles to Replace engine oil & oil filter, reset reminder light, rotate tires, visually inspect brake pads & rotors & road test vehicles.

The additional maintenance required is if u drive on dirt or dusty roads. I do not.

Yet when I call shops to get estimates-they include the additional maintenance.

cant find the location of the blend door