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Need to replace head gasket and valve cover is stuck not coming off. It lifts from the far end but is stuck at the gear side. all screws are out.
Sometimes the vehicle wont start when the start button is pressed or takes 10 seconds
Sometimes are wont turn off with the button and I have to try opening the door and pushing again and again
My 2002 disco dashboard caught fire last night while parked. fortunately all windows were closed so fire put itself out after melting a lot of interior plastic. is this a common problem
I replace the fan clutch,coolant bottle and 1 a/c fan. It always run good while moving but once you sit in traffic or stop at a store and turn off the engine and come back to restart it. That's when it's hard starting and rough idle until i rev the engine for about a minute. I've done a full tune up except the fuel filter about a year ago. As long as it's moving it's fine until i idle
no signal on the dashboard, everything else works great
The car turns over will not start. Replaced battery already
happens when car is accelerating on road or static, 25 mpg still, performance fine just small lag in acceleration at times, no warnings lights etc, temperature normal engine smooth
When I start the truck, it starts with no issues....just like normal. No power issues or anything. But about 5 seconds after starting, it just shuts off. No messages or anything on the display. Battery does not see to be an issue.
It’s stopped working about three weeks ago
If I turn on the lights, they all work but when you step on the brake, only the center (3rd) brake light works. The two on the side, do NOT?
In the morning it may or may not be on around 3:00 its off it back on at night sometimes
This occurs espicially when the car stops long hours for example over night. Some told me to check AC relay but I cant find it in my car.No issue with the cooling.It is just good after the compressor is working. The compressor took sometimes nearly 5 minutes to work after starting the car.
05 lr3 still over heating after Thermostat had been replaced
I want to know if the transmission oil should be changed.
Put a fuse and rear panel for the stereo play for a minute blew the fuse now every time I put a fuse in it blows please help me
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