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happens when car is accelerating on road or static, 25 mpg still, performance fine just small lag in acceleration at times, no warnings lights etc, temperature normal engine smooth
When I start the truck, it starts with no issues....just like normal. No power issues or anything. But about 5 seconds after starting, it just shuts off. No messages or anything on the display. Battery does not see to be an issue.
It’s stopped working about three weeks ago
If I turn on the lights, they all work but when you step on the brake, only the center (3rd) brake light works. The two on the side, do NOT?
In the morning it may or may not be on around 3:00 its off it back on at night sometimes
This occurs espicially when the car stops long hours for example over night. Some told me to check AC relay but I cant find it in my car.No issue with the cooling.It is just good after the compressor is working. The compressor took sometimes nearly 5 minutes to work after starting the car.
05 lr3 still over heating after Thermostat had been replaced
I want to know if the transmission oil should be changed.
Put a fuse and rear panel for the stereo play for a minute blew the fuse now every time I put a fuse in it blows please help me
where is location of leak detection pump 2008 LR2 , with 6 cyl eng. and diagram or where to find on web.?

Electrical System Fault
I am having some problems with my 2008 range . It started with the Tire Pressure warning light turning on. Then I would see a Tire Pressure Monitoring Fault while driving down the road and on the stereo I see something like Vehicle Fault: System is shutting down. Then the stereo and heat and Dashboard shut down. Then when I got back home and put the car in park, I got a Parking Break Fault message and the parking break light started blinking.

Any ides as to how to troubleshoot this issue? Thanks for any help.

When car is turned off and parking light is blinking on dash, car will not start up. Parking light eventually shuts off and after car sits for a while it will start up normally with no dashboard warnings or anything. I have driven the car about 15 minutes before all the error messages mentioned

above come on in the ve
Height sensor
What would cause this on a 2011 range rover? Vehicle raises then after a alittle drive time the error pops up.
What is the firing order of LR2 6cylinder inline engine. How to setting valve timing and that time which piston in TDC.The car model is Freelander 2007 model
Part or in neutral or in drive at a stoplight the RPMs on the motor will go from 800 or 1000 RPMs down to 100 and almost all out I have a new alternator and a new battery and I am using the highest grade of gasoline the belts all seem to be tight so I'm not sure what else I can check please advise thank you
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