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I have with Land Rover web site & it say my sport has Bluetooth but the car say no phone fitted can you hear
Its inconsistent when opening door it fails to extend. At times I hear a whining noise when retracting
The car height will stay at the lowest level.
It’s stopped working about three weeks ago
Hi everyone, I have a 2014 Range rover sport V8 supercharged, I was wondering if you guys know what is the best brake pads for them. it is time for me to change them. Thank you
I topped off the oil and coolant in my range rover now when I try to start it. It will run systems check then shut off without trying to start. I checked the battery it's fully charged. And double checked the coolant and oil level.
This occurs espicially when the car stops long hours for example over night. Some told me to check AC relay but I cant find it in my car.No issue with the cooling.It is just good after the compressor is working. The compressor took sometimes nearly 5 minutes to work after starting the car.
Indicators and hazard not working but I have checked the fuse and bulbs are fine
I want to know if the transmission oil should be changed.
Hi, I have Range Rover Sport Supercharge 2008, I am facing a problem with the battery, I change the battery every month and some times every week. If I keep the car for three days in the garage the battery is gone. if some one know or face the same problem so can help me or advise what to do?
I took it the dealer and he confirm me that every thing is fine based on the computer test or the diagnoses systems that they used.
Gear box warning light comes on only when it's rains.
parking brake noise, and replace the actuator module with brand new, but the problem is not solve, now is blinking light ,parking brake off lift switch to apply,and making scretching noise,what do i do ?
I would be grateful for any feedback or experience anyone has on this the reliability of this vehicle. I've been researching Range Rovers for a while and I LOVE the style and amenities but I'm cautious/insecure about their reliability, especially since the model I like most, is an older one. Many thanks for your help~ Jennifer
Heat blows warm from mid and upper vents, but doesn’t blow from the bottom feet vents at all. What could be wrong?
when turning the thermostat on high the heater does not heat up!
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