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Air suspension doesn't raise the tire enough to keep from rubbing the tire and right before it went out it bounced really bad
The car turns over will not start. Replaced battery already
happens when car is accelerating on road or static, 25 mpg still, performance fine just small lag in acceleration at times, no warnings lights etc, temperature normal engine smooth
When I start the truck, it starts with no issues....just like normal. No power issues or anything. But about 5 seconds after starting, it just shuts off. No messages or anything on the display. Battery does not see to be an issue.
Range Rover Sport V8, 2010.
When starting car it keeps selecting snow mode, anyone else had this issue
Put a fuse and rear panel for the stereo play for a minute blew the fuse now every time I put a fuse in it blows please help me

Electrical System Fault
I am having some problems with my 2008 range . It started with the Tire Pressure warning light turning on. Then I would see a Tire Pressure Monitoring Fault while driving down the road and on the stereo I see something like Vehicle Fault: System is shutting down. Then the stereo and heat and Dashboard shut down. Then when I got back home and put the car in park, I got a Parking Break Fault message and the parking break light started blinking.

Any ides as to how to troubleshoot this issue? Thanks for any help.

When car is turned off and parking light is blinking on dash, car will not start up. Parking light eventually shuts off and after car sits for a while it will start up normally with no dashboard warnings or anything. I have driven the car about 15 minutes before all the error messages mentioned

above come on in the ve
just went out to my 2006 range rover and turned the key but car wont start, the wipers came on and the dome light but when i tried to put it in neutral and push it out of the garage it would not let me move the stick....
What would cause this on a 2011 range rover? Vehicle raises then after a alittle drive time the error pops up.
My 2013 Range Rover seems to be dead. I can get inside the car. But the trunk won’t open, the glove department won’t open and the key fob doesn’t work.
Looking through front wheels, there`s a casing round brake disc, its rattling and noisey, can i tighten it or is it a mechanics job. Is this dangerous to be driving with??
The Limit mph notice just appeared. I dont notice anything wrong.
car will not start unless it gets jump started
Transfer box going in and out low range on its own. Dash reads transfer box neutral engine failsafe mode.
It started with letting someone used vehicle and they ran out of gas they then told me the gas tank they used found out it had urine and gas mixed!! So I then filled it with gas and fuel injection cleaner and stalled. I kept trying to start it till battery finally died.. I parked it for a week and then changed the battery and now I can only turn the key and gives one loud click as if the starter is turning and hitting hard but no crank. I did notice that the doors didn't lock it unlock anymore even my lock button inside doesn't work. Checked all fuses and all look good. I could hear a relay in back clicking when I turn the key and right now it's only vehicle and going thru a divorce so money on hold in a way!! Please help asap! Thank you...
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